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Posted by John Stewart (San Jose, Costa Rica) on 11/25/2007
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After 2 years of symptons, I gave my friend 1000 mgs daily of Resveratrol. first time in 2 years no symptons. First time in 6 months she can work full time with No side effects. Reserch at University of Rome 2 years ago on rats showes Resveratrol kills all Virus. This is only a week old result so far."

EC: We wrote and asked John for more information:

11/29/2007: Joh replied, "I'm not sure what her clinical condition was at the time. This is in Central America, It took her two years before a diagnoses was made. She had been to sick to work, and losing weight from not being able to keep food down. lots of problems with her skin, and other organs. I found an Internet site that reported on research done at the University of Rome on Rats that was successful in controlling virus in rats by using resveratrol. I had successfully controlled my Pancreatic cancer taking resveratrol, so I gave her daily doses of 500mgs.

All of her symptoms reversed 100% in just 3 or 4 days. She's back working full time. Now, The article I found was published in the Journal of infectious Diseases, and by CIDRAP (University of Minnesota) . More importantly, all articles on the benefits received by resveratrol can be found at

I'm not necessarily interested in having anything published, and I'm sorry I can't be more informative. I'm just hoping more information might become available on the potential benefits by taking resveratrol to those with Lupus. Their are almost no side effects, and it is very affordable. Now research is being done on its potential benefits for herpes, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular problems, cancer prevention, and treatment, and infectious disease. Could it be that Lupus could be added to that list. Thanks for your time. John