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Posted by Alex (Sydney, Australia) on 11/06/2012
1 out of 5 stars

For a very stubborn plantar wart on the heel I tried ACV after reading about it here. Insanely, monumentally painful and did not work after 6 weeks despite appearing to be working - scrape back and there it was, happy as larry. If anything it seemed to be thriving.

I was determined to make it work so on top of following the method most people seem to use I also trimmed back the top (and later scab tissue) with a medical razor whenever that was feasible usually every couple of days. I used ACV with a cotton pad, covered with duct tape and further taped down with medical tape. Twice daily and left on for at least 3 hours. It gradually became insanely painful. As in I could not think or sit still. Luckily had time off. However I endured the pain because I thought it would work. It appeared to be dying, firstly little dead blood dots and then later gerneral scabbing which I removed to see fresh wart underneath, which I also removed as much as possible. Never, never ended.

I dont know what the ACV was doing - must have just been frying my deeper skin layers which is what caused the insane pain.

Did this for 6 weeks before admitting defeat. Off to dermatoligist to see about bettle juice.

Suggest those with a persistant heel plantar wart check out plantarwartwarrior at blogspot for a hilarious account that is eerily simliar to mine. Warts on the heel are the absolute most stubborn.

Posted by Kyle (Suwanee, Ga) on 05/27/2012
1 out of 5 stars

After living with a deep plantar wart on the ball of my foot for a year and a half or so I tried the apple cider vinegar cure. After sleeping with a cotten ball soaked in apple cider vinegar duct taped to my plantar wart for weeks the wart remained very much the same and it was very painful.

Posted by Farah (Fremont, Ca) on 05/17/2012
1 out of 5 stars

Hello all, I have been using apple cider vinegar for a week now. At first I saw some black dots but eventually the wart got white and puffy. I picked on it and the outer layer came off. Thus the wart looked smaller but underneath the other layer there remained a smaller wart. I have been using a cotton ball soaked Apple Cider Vinegar and bandaid to cover it over night. But it's again getting white and puffy with some black dots, but that's about it. The wart is not getting completely black as I read it should. It hurts like hell. B4 Apple Cider Vinegar I tried raw crushed garlic one night but ended up with a huge blister. Now to treat that I am using neosporin around the wart and Apple Cider Vinegar on top of the wart. Getting impatient with this now. Need help.

Posted by Sos (Pula, Croatia) on 11/23/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I have been curing warts on my hands with ACV for 6 days now. And when I do not have ACV with on, I pour some castor oil on it. But, they got three times bigger. They hurt a bit. And only the top became black. I was wondering if I should continue?

Is it supposed to be like this in some cases? The thing is I am affraid that they will just keep growing and they will not go away :(. Please somebody answer. Thank you!

Posted by Mandy (Houston, Texas) on 09/17/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I have a nasty wart on the end of my ring finger, right on the tip and a little under the nail. Well, I cut the nail back as short as possible and have been soaking it in ACV for the past 2 days and then I have been using a piece of cotton ball absorbed in ACV, covering it with bandaids and leaving it overnight. Well this evening I decided to go ahead and do this earlier and leave it on a while longer.. The pain was horrible!! Throbbing pain.. and made even my pinky hurt, just pain coming hard and barely letting up.. Finally, right now I couldn't take it anymore (had it with ACV and bandaids for 6 hours) and went in the bathroom to take off the bandaids...

What a mess I have :( it hurts so BAD.. And well the wart is blackish brown and a tint of yellow and the skin hurts so bad around it.. I dont know if I can continue.. But, I don't know at this point what else to do. I have already had the wart burned twice and it is going nowhere.. So I think for the night I will leave it alone.. It hurts too much and feels raw.. And looks so deformed, the skin and the wart is so big, bigger than it was.. Goodness, I wanted this to work. I would love feedback from anyone.. I am thinking, should I try the banana peel?.. maybe it would be less painful? Thank you.

Posted by Wafaa (Tucson, Az, United States) on 10/18/2010
1 out of 5 stars

ACV treatment did not work on a wart I had on a corner of my lips. I applied it every night for 3 weeks, and put a bandaid on it. It grew white, and got the black spot, and part of it fell of, but then the rest wouldn't go away. Needless to say the whole thing was extremely painful. I stopped treatment after 3 weeks, and it grew back. I was pretty disappointed as I'd used Apple Cider Vinegar successfully before on a wart on my foot. I'm now trying tea tree oil, so hopefully that will work.