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Posted by Betty R. (Hurricane, UT) on 07/29/2009
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I had planters warts that covered my entire heel. The surgeon said he would have to remove my entire heel down to the bone in order to remove the painful planters warts. I then went to an old family practice DR. He suggested that I soak my heel in straight chlorine bleach. I soaked my heel in the bleach 3 times a day for about 10 minutes each time. Within about 3 weeks the warts were gone!

EC: Some doctors might question the wisdom of soaking any part of the body in bleach, but soaking the toes in a dilution of bleach and water is a widely recommended remedy for nail fungus.

Posted by Ryan (San Francisco, CA) on 03/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

First off, I've got to tell you that I tried a certain brand of all natural remedy from a website and all it did was burn my skin and cause major irritation, discomfort and bleeding. I also tried the banana peel wrap, the Castor oil & baking soda paste as well as applying household bleach with a cotton swab. The best thing that worked for me was to first vigourously apply bleach with a cotton swab to all warts and then let the bleach dry for a couple of minutes. Once dry, vigourously apply raw apple cidar vinegar with a cotton swab until you have removed all of the superficial/dead skin tissue and you can only see the warts in their plain shape. Repeat this three times daily. They'll be completely gone within about 10 days.