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Posted by Steven (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 04/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar, HP (remedy) plantars wart(ailment):

I have had plantars warts on the bottom of my feet for close to 15 yrs now... 4 of those years they were nothing more than an irritating itch that i could put up with without much of a headache.. then i started to scuba dive and i found my feet burning inside my fins and progressivly got more irritating.. my guess is the salt water and depth combination had a hand in that. so after a year i moved off the island i was living on and moved back to the city... i think i should remark that i never had much knowledge about warts.. always had perfect skin even as a teen.. went to the doctor 5 times to remove 5 warts... using the usual freezing,burning,cutting and combinations of all of the above with the horrible result of the warts growing back much bigger after each operation.. the doctors said that the root wasnt cut out so the warts would just return... (should have told me before he took my money i think).. tried the duofilm and urine cream... just burned holes in my feet making me so sensitive that i walked on the left side of my foot... causing my bone on the outerside of my foot to change shape to the point of being able to bear my weight on the bone instead of using the ball of my feet..in a clear act of despiration after stopping the duofilm (used it a year without positve results) i contemplated drilling a hold into my foot.. filling it with super glue and yanking it out of my foot.. i know i know.. crazy... but pain 24/7 for so long made me alittle desperate to be free of it... i had looked on the internet numerous times but never came across ACV before.. this is about 2 weeks ago.. ive been using acv full strength everyday now for 7 days.. the first day i just stuck my whole foot into a plastic shoe box with my heal elevated by a small plastice box inside.. the burning came after the first 20 min. but desperate to remove this virus from my foot i left it in for 90 min.. then washed it off with clear water and applied a small piece of duct tape with a piece of cotten in the middle soaked in acv.the following morning the area looked like it had swollen 2 times the size.. so i used a razor blade to trip off what i thought to be dead skin.. finally trimmed across the vein or hole that the virus i guess is using to breath and bled for 30 min..i have been applying the tape,cotton and acv coninuously now for 7 days.. also drinking Ted's recipe for acv.. the reults have been excellent so far.. although the pain for the past 7 days has prevented me from much getting sleep. the wart is black/red now and i think dieing.. i hope. if it works.. ill be jogging often.. thanks very much for the information shared here by all... i think if this didnt work i would have tried the super glue.. OUCHHH.. ill post again when my feet are clear...

Posted by James (Victorville, California) on 03/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This may be posted in wrong area, but I have a strange cure for warts that worked for me. A math teacher of mine in my 10th grade year noticed I had them severely on my hands. By severe, I mean, dermatologists could not get rid of some by burning or freezing. She recommended I try Tums Antacids. I chewed 1 regular strength mint pill once a days before bedtime. In no longer than a month's time, my warts had simply ceased to exist. I had tried everything before, dermatologists, duct tape, liquids, but this method worked best for me. I will say, i do randomly have one spurt up from time to time, but I just start tums again, and away they go. So hope this helps.