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Vitamin C, Lemon Juice  

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Posted by nancy (san diego) on 02/28/2008
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i read alot of remedies to remove embarrassing warts and after alot of reading i tried several things like acv 2 a day on warts i tried this every day for a week and some warts did disappeared but others did not i had some that were colored that were difficult to remove and were very itchy at times so i decided to try something different i crushed about 3-4 vitamin c tablets and added about 1 1/2 tsp of natural lemon juice mixed these two ingredients and made a paste i got a few cotton balls and soak the mixture on it then applied this to the colored warts that were more hard to remove i left this on the warts for a while about 30 min while i laid down i got to admit this stings or burns more than the acv but it is well worth it when i got up to remove the cotton ball they had stains i was a little scared but when i checked myself the warts were gone it was unbelievable! this web site is a real blessing !! i hope this info is helpfull and hope everyone stays healthy and gets better.

Vitamin E  

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Posted by Anna (Philadelphia, pa, usa) on 04/17/2009
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Vitamin E worked wonderfully for my son, then in grade shool. He had a huge wart at the top of right palm.One evening he was really sick of it so before bedtime I just squeezed content of one vit E 400 capsule. He put sock on his hand not to stain bed sheets. In the morning there was no trace of it.

Replied by M

We (the ones that are believers in in FACTUAL remedies)... believe you.....NOT! Nothing happens overnight. Try again.

Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, Pa, Usa

Try again what? Anyway it did happen overnight! No scab, no trace. I read once that warts are most responsive to your beliefs. If you believe that something, ANYTHING, will cure it, it will! I really believe in vit. E in skin disorders. And my son really believes in my skills. It worked beautifully!

Posted by John Doe (Orangeburg , S.C.) on 10/10/2008
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Vitamin E works inside and out of the body at the same time. It makes the warts just shrink down and go away. no discoloration or any thing. I also put Noxzema on them it works with the E and cuts the time to a couple of weeks.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 08/27/2008 512 posts
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To all those with warts: I haven't had a wart in years so haven't checked out information given me about 28 years ago. One young woman had a bunch of warts, many on finger tips and some of them even growing up into area where distal nail connects to skin. She later came in and showed me her wartless hands and gladly shared with me when I asked her how she got rid of them. Her method was piercing a vitamin E soft-cap or pearl and applying vitamin E to her warts about times a day. You wouldn't have thought she had ever had a wart at all.

Replied by J
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I am currently trying the vitamin E soft-cap to see if it will work on three flat warts that are located on my check and arm. As of one week I actually do not see any chances but am going to keep trying for a bit longer.

However just a quick warning for others. I am currently taking a break from the application because the E gel is so thick. I have broken out in a massive rash of pimples at the applications site.

Although I will add that this may also be because I have naturally oily skin and live in a warm climate.

So just a heads up.

PS Before anyone asks =) yes I did wash the application areas every day.

Posted by Paula (Albany, Ga) on 07/03/2008
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My son had terrible warts on the bottoms of his feet and also his fingers. We bought a bottle of NATURAL vitamin E 400IU. He took one in the morning and one at night. At night before going to bed,we poked a pin in a vitamin E pill and rubbed the oil on the warts. In three days the warts turned black and started falling out. In two weeks they were completely gone. Three of my friends who have had warts tried this with the same results. My sons warts have never come back. Hope this helps someone!

Replied by Rr27454
Madera, Ca
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I had a wart on my check. I tried the ACV, sesame oil (it burned my face), the potatoe rememdy. I was getting very discouraged and I cut a lemon wedge and held it against the wart for an hour or two everyday and put vitamin E during the rest of the day. I cut open a vitamin E capsule, spread the oil on the wart and on a bandage, and changed it in the morning. It took about 1 week and the wart is almost gone. I am still putting on the vit e. Cover your wart 24/7 until it is gone.

Posted by Ed F. (Greenwich Ct)
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20 Yrs ago I was bothered with a plantars wart on the ball of my foot.....for two years I picked away at it to no avail.....finally it started spreading so I started reading about how to get rid of it.... From a home remedy book I found the solution that actually worked.... Vitamin E capsules... I spread it over the wart every night and took one orally. Within a week or so it was GONE.... worked for me!!

Voodoo Remedies for Warts  

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Posted by Jeri (Geneva, Ohio) on 09/15/2009
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My 3 year old grandson had several warts under his nose. His mom had had some burned off twice before, but could not put him through that again. I found the raw potato remedy on this sight and figured we had nothing to loose but a potato. I cut the potato in half, peeled a little of one edge away so we could make good contact with the warts under his nose. We rubbed the warts ONE TIME, ensuring we got the juice on all of them. He and I then went and buried the potato in the back yard and didn't tell anyone where we buried it. Within a couple days, one at a time, the warts started getting smaller and within three weeks, they were all gone. You couldn't even see where they were. This is truly a miracle cure
and hope everyone tries this. Thank you for your publication!!!

Posted by Kevin (San Antonio, Texas) on 04/07/2008
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I'll add my voodoo cure which coincides with others already listed.

I had a wart on my thumb which refused to go away. I tried the OTC remedies and finally gave up. I took a razor blade and grimly cut deeply into my thumb in an attempt to remove it. My reward was an additional wart appearing as well as the original again returning. I told a friend about this and he laughingly told me that he had had one and his mother had told him to scrub it with a cloth and then bury it. He said he knew it sounded crazy, but it had worked.

I didn't give it much more thought until one day when I was over at his mom's and he brought it up. His mom confirmed it and also stated that if you buried the rag on the property of someone else, they would get the wart. I decided to finally give in and give it a try (No, I didn't bury it on another's property.). To my amazement, the wart just disappeared. I didn't expect it to work and used a greasy rag I was working with in my garage. But, work it did.

Replied by Michelle M
Waukesha, Wi
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Here is another remedy for plantar's warts. My daughter had one on the palm of her hand (same type of skin as the bottom of foot) which was growing inward. The root started putting pressure on the bone beneath in and really started to hurt. I combined baking soda and castor oil to form a gummy paste, put a piece of it over the wart and covered it with a bandaid. We put a clean piece of "gum" and bandaid on daily. In about 7 days the roots of the wart started coming outward and when they were long enough, I took a tweezers and carefully pulled the roots out. The wart went away after that and never came back. This is a great alternative to getting plantars warts on the bottom of your feet burned off. Just make sure you careful pulling out the roots so that they don't break. If the root remains under the skin, the wart will most likely. If so, repeat the remedy, making sure to get ALL the root the next time.

Posted by Robyn (Perth, Australia) on 02/20/2008
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My friend's son at age twelve had many warts on the palms of his hands which caused him much embarassment. I told him that I would 'buy' them from him. I put a pile of coins (approx $3) on a shelf in his mother's kitchen. I told him that now that I had bought his warts they would soon disappear and then he could take the money and use as he wanted. Took about a month. Warts all gone!

Posted by Lorrie (Santa Fe,New Mexico) on 12/08/2007
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When I was around 12 or 13 I had a large wart at the base of my right thumb nail. I would pick it all the time till it bleed, because I hated how it looked and felt. I remember one day I was out walking for miles, picking my wart as usual, out of habit, when I suddenly got an idea. I thought, if I try to love my wart instead of hating it, what will happen? You guessed it, it went away in a few weeks never to return.

Posted by Marty (Seattle, WA) on 11/05/2007
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As a child, I had persistant warts on my left hand, I had about 5-6 that wouldn't go away. My mother told me to rub a penny on them. So I did and they went away.

Posted by Gwen (Lakewood, CO) on 02/23/2007
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Hey, I like this remedy consideration... When I was a child living in rural area, I had this obcessive fasination with Frogs. At the end of Winter ponds would thaw with floating hibernating Frogs banking on the shore. I'd thaw them out, use them in Science Fair projects, watch them grow, & love them. Everyone said not to play with frogs because their "Pee" would grow Warts. AND I did have Warts all over my hands, & arms. I use to chew at them which drove everyone crazy. One weekend when I was visiting with one of my really cool aunts, she told me if I took a cotton thread in white & counted my Warts & add as many extra that you might think you missed, & tye that many knots in the thread. Bury it in the dirt & when the string roits your warts will be gone.....It worked for me, 8-9 years old. I've paid attention to "Voo Doo" remedies for years... Pretty interesting stuff. Good Luck!

Replied by Indigo
Portland, Oregon

Knotted String for Wart Removal - My grandmother had a similar remedy, and it was always successful: take off the string which is tied around a roast or other piece of meat, tie knots in the string - corresponding to the number of warts you have - rub the warts with the string, then bury or fling the string in a place where no one will ever find it. Don't know why that worked for Grandma and numerous children and grandchildren, but it did.

Posted by William (Evans, GA) on 02/14/2007
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When I was a young teen, I had this huge wart on my knuckle for years. everytime I hit it on something it would bleed. One day while visiting my mother in law, she said to steal a washrag when no one was looking and bury it under a rock... Now I thought I had heard it all, but I tried it and within about two-three weeks the wart was gone.....I had tried for years to get rid of it and nothing worked....after the wart left I threw all the different medicines away....to this day I do not know how that worked but I do know it worked and even 50 years later I have never had another wart.

Posted by BJ (Everett, WA) on 01/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was reading your voodoo section on warts. When I was a child, I hate an enormous wart on my wrist. My mom took me to the doctor and I had it burned off. It soon grew back to TWICE the size! I was horrified. Then my step-grandma told me to pop a vitamin E oil capsule and put that on it everyday with a bandaid and in ONE MONTH it will go away. I did it religously every night and it took my HUGE wart away, never to grow back again! I recommend it to everyone!

Posted by Vickie (Fernandina Beach, FL) on 11/21/2006
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When I was 13 I too had a problem getting rid of warts on my hands. One day a family friend was visiting and noticed my hands. He instructed me to get a raw potato. He peeled the potato and cut it in half. He then had me take a bite of the raw potato, and rub my remaining potato on all of the warts. He took his half of potato and also rubbed it across all of my warts while chanting something in spanish. He told me to bury my half, not letting the location be known to anyone, and he would do the same. After we had buried the halves, he told me that once the potatoes dissolved, my warts would be gone. After two weeks the warts had disappeared! To this day they have never returned.