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Posted by S.josey (Richmond, Va) on 02/28/2016
1 out of 5 stars


It's because you drank it everyday. The ACV is too strong and too acidic for everyday uses. Try using once or twice each week. I witnessed the same problems used for break outs, now I use once a week and have beautiful skin with no yeast infections :)

Posted by Secretagent (Oakland, Ca, Usa) on 08/15/2012
1 out of 5 stars

I am 27, and have had yeast infections several times a year since I started dating my ex. They went away when I stopped dating him, and I'm pretty sure he has a yeast issue himself. I also struggle with fatigue, toenail fungus, anxiety and digestive issues that make me believe my problem is candida. I don't eat processed foods and eat very little sugar or carbs. I wanted to address my other issues, so I started drinking the organic with mother ACV and baking soda combo, 2tbsps ACV with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, twice a day. Within 3 days I had a raging yeast infection. I cut out the baking soda and maintained the ACV drink and went with 50/50 ACV douches, morning and night. The second morning, it was worse than ever, swollen and painful and itching. Garlic helped stop the itch. In any case, this is the 2nd or 3rd time that drinking ACV has brought on a yeast infection, in my opinion.

Perhaps it would have resolved had I continued, but I'm going camping for 3 weeks and cannot be dealing with this out there. I'll be taking diflucan in the morning. Maybe I'm just not one that can handle it, though it does help when I use it externally and I do think it makes me more regular and more perky. Wish I could do it!

Posted by Ceecee (Austin, Tx) on 10/29/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I was so excited to come across this site when I was looking for alternative cures for a YI. Sadly, the ACV did not work at all. My symptoms have progressed into a full blown YI, so I had to give in and buy Monistat. I tried the ACV spritz, and the bath along with acidophilus pills when the symptoms started. Now I'm in for the long haul. I wish you all luck out there. YI's are not fun at all :(

Posted by Pam (Los Angeles, CA) on 12/31/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share my experience with everyone with Yogurt for a yeast infection. I started getting a yeast infection so I searched online and found this wonderful site! I read all the different home remedies for a yeast infection. Immediatly I ran to my kitchen and took two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. It was night so I went to sleep, when I woke up in the morning I hadn't gotten any worse and I was feeling a little better. So I gave myself 2 1/2 teaspoons that morning and night and a shallow bath with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar. Which worked wonders!! Stopped the itching.

But on the third day I was still feeling a little uncomfortable. SO I decided to go and buy fat free organic plain yogurt and a turkey baster. I laid on my back and inserted the yogurt with the turkey baster. I waited the recommended 20 minutes. But I did NOT feel the cool relief as everyone stated. After the 20 minutes I cleaned up (it was messy but not that bad. Have a lot of paper towels on hand) and took a shower. But as soon as I pushed the yogurt out. I immediatly started to itch WORST than ever! Both my outsides and insides were itching worst than they had to begin with!! It was horrible. This remedy DID NOT WORK AT ALL! I was pacing the floor when my boyfriend asked me what made it feel better to begin with. I told him a bath with Apple Cider Vinegar. So I ran into the bathroom and quickly jumped into a bath with 1/2 cup ACV. It was INSTANT relief! I also took in the cleaned out turkey baster and used it as a type of douche in the bath tub.

As soon as I did this the rest of the yogurt came out and I felt again, instant releif. I let that bath go down and ran another one with 1/2 cup of ACV. I set in the bath probably a total of 40 mins. This morning I feel a lot better but still have some discomfort. I will be going to the whole food store to see what I can buy to make all this go away. But use the yogurt at your own risk. It was new, I just bought it that day. And it was a nightmare experience! All I can say is THANK GOD for Apple Cider Vinegar!! It works wonders!

Posted by Lisa (Dallas, TX) on 04/09/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I was so hoping that the ACV would work for me! I tried it with the baking soda, without the baking soda and finally figured out that it wasn't going to work, no matter how much I wanted it to. I'm doing the yogurt and acidopholous thing and have been for a few weeks. I'm going to step it up to more pills and yogurt a day and see if that helps. I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Dallas (Dallas, Texas) on 03/23/2007
1 out of 5 stars

Ok. After reviewing this website I was so excited about curing my self at home, and not waiting on a Dr. Visit as I usually do. Unfortunately, I have yeast or BV infections at least once every six months, (I guess I should be grateful according to some). Which I believe comes from my horrible eating habits and limited veggie intake. So once I read through each email I made a list and headed directly to the Health food store and my list included; acidophilus pills, ACV, plain no fat/no sugar yogurt, and pomegranate cranberry juice. I wanted to try each remedy at a time so I could actually see the results. So since ACV was highly recommended, I tried it first. I started of with a 2 tbsp of ACV in water, and chocked it down, which is a taste one must acquire. Later, I followed up with an ACV hot bath and douche. I did this for two days straight both morning and night and it only made my condition worse. A couple of days later, I tried the yogurt, which felt great at first, but it only covered-up the condition for about 4 hours. Since neither remedy gave immediate results, I went ahead and use my last prescribed treatment of Clindesse, which seems to be my only hope. Needless to say, I used the Clindesse on Wed, and the majority of my symptoms were gone by Wed. Night. Come Thursday evening I felt a slight discomfort and I douched with Hot water and Iodized salt (which was recommended in only (1) feedback response), clinching tightly to my faith (that I would not be harmed in anyway since this remedy had one recommendation). This morning, I feel great, all symptoms have disappeared and I feel normal again..In conclusion I tried a variety of remedies within these last five days, but Clindesse and a Iodized salt/warm water douche seem to do the trick. (I guess it works the same as if you would gargle with warm/salt water. PS. For what it's worth I have added acidophilus pills to my every day diet.

Posted by Claudia (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 03/07/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I tried the vinegar as a douche, but other than suspending the symtons for about 24 hours, I was not cured. Next, I tried garlic. Again, temporary relief of symptons, but no cure. I am now going to try the yogurt. I will keep you posted.

Posted by Faith (Jamaica) on 10/15/2006
1 out of 5 stars


Oh a note about apple cider vinegar too. I went and bought the vinegar sold in grocery stores, you know the distilled one. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I drank it and immediately brought out into a yeast infection. I am not joking. As i drank it i began to feel that familiar itching of a yeast infection So just a warning - make sure that it is organic / raw apple cider vinegar that is bought (which is murky brown in colour) and not the other distilled one (light/clear brown is colour) Thanks again.