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Posted by Maria (Phoenix, AZ) on 04/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with your post. UTI's are a direct result of soaps and toilet paper. Once I change the products to more natural or organic, and stopped using harsh liquid soaps, my UTI's are staying gone. I've had over 50 UTIs in over 10 years.

Posted by Debra (Shawnee, Kansas) on 03/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

When I turned 19 I started developing awful UTI's which of course were followed by yeast infections because of the antibiotics. I was averaging a UTI every other month. After every UTI I had another yeast infection. I'm 31 and this cycle is starting to end. I'll post more about my end to the UTI's on the other page, but as for the yeast. It became absolutely resistant to over the counter creams and diflucan.. I have the same pattern as most, little irritation all month, period then major symptoms. I went to the doctor and had it tested (in the past we just assumed and he would dole me out the diflucan)... test came back negative. I had the fish odor, the itching and the discharge.. did not make a bit of sense to me. So I did what I'd been told to do years and years ago, but rejected because of price.. I switched my laundry detergent to a fragrance free, dye free brand. I switched my dryer sheets to the same.. I feel so stupid now.. I haven't itched since. I guess I didn't believe it since I didn't feel that my clothes were getting clean enough.. FYI.. first try.. had a pair of my sons peed in training pants.. and the entire load smelled.. I almost gave up.. I always wash in cold water.. I (as reluctant as I still am about this) switched it up to HOT.. and no smell.. everything comes out clean.. makes me almost wonder if you really need that much detergant.. hot water helps kill and such... I also (again, not cost effective, but so worth it).. use either ONLY cetaphil to wash that area.. or I bought Neutrogena fragrance and dye free face wash.. gentle.. (not for acne).. and again.. my uti's and yeast problems have disappeared.. My husband accidentally brought home the new charmin with aloe.. I didn't realize it till I took one wipe and it burned.. I started itching.. realized the problem and threw the junk out.. I bucked this for years.. figuring if I had detergant allergy it would show on my skin.. boy was I wrong..