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Posted by Jessica ( Vancouver, Bc) on 04/08/2018
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I do this as well. In addition, I place my chopped garlic on a spoon and cover the garlic with honey. It goes down easier ;)

Posted by Karrie (Wi) on 02/02/2017
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Was on a beach trip for several days, noticed a raging itch in my vagina on day 3 of 5. Didn't cause too many problems until the plane ride home 2 days later. Whew, as soon as I got home, started downing the acidophilis. Have garlic, and garlic extract gel caps, but did Not start taking them until 10am the following day. UPon inserting the cloves, I felt near instant relief from the burning which overtook the itching shortly upon landing. I only had thread, using a needle I sent it through 2 cloves of garlic, stuck them up there. When it was time to pull them out approx 10 hours later, thread broke. I was able to get the cloves out myself with little trouble using my finger, although I was scared for a minute there, did not want this to turn into a trip to the doctor.

Upon removal of the 2 cloves, burning started coming back almost immediately, had felt like it was getting better all day with the garlic up there. Decided to put a fresh clove up there, but made sure to secure it better to the thread. I also put a few garlic extract gel caps up there. I have been taking lots of probiotics, even tried to put some up in my vagina with no avail. I definitely feel like the garlic cloves have helped the most. I have also been using coconut oil to sooth the burning area after urination. Doesn't seem like the worst yeast infection I've ever had, worst burn I've felt though, usually its more itching. I'm on day one of actually trying to treat it (besides the night before of downign some acidophilis) and it's much better than the worst of it, which was last night. I'm a believer in the garlic for sure!

Thanks again Earth Clinic friends!

Posted by Recurrent Candida Sufferer (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/03/2014
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Things NEEDED:

  • Qtips
  • Minced Garlic
  • Towel

I get yeast infections quite often, I was looking for relief outside of the usual RX that I receive from my gyno.

I placed a towel underneath my body and then put fresh minced garlic on a QTIP and rubbed it around my inner labia and inside of my vagina. (I know... TMI). But I repeated this several times and laid down for about one hour. When I got up, I went about my business aound the house for almost three hours and then took a shower. Eventually most of the garlic came out after a thorough washing.

I still smelled like garlic (I am very sensitive to scents) so I took another shower.

I felt complete relief from the yeast after my second shower and the scent was not as strong.

Posted by K Brooks (Idaho) on 09/17/2013
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I read about you trying the baking soda for a yeast infection and wanted to relay what I have learned works phenominal. I used to get them constantly and could count on one every time I took antibiotics. I read one day about all the properties of raw garlic. I think it was posted on this site to insert a peeled clove of garlic into the vagina and let it sit in there as long as you could stand it. The first time I tried this it burned, so I could only leave it in for about 5 minutes. The infection went away quite rapidly but upon taking antibiotics the next time here came the yeast infection again. I managed to hold a clove of garlic inside for about an hour and whola! , the infection went away and I have not had one since. To tell you how well it worked, I have not had a yeast infection in over 7 years! Good luck to you in your endeavors..

Posted by Genierose (Cookeville, Tn, Usa) on 10/17/2011
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Years ago I used a vaginal garlic treatment for vaginal yeast with excellent results and immediate relief. But now I have bacterial vaginitis and it feel like acid has been applied to my external parts. I went to the doctor and she diagnosed it and prescribed 7 days of metronidazole followed by one Flagyl. It took about 5 days before I got relief. A week after the treatment it was back again and I began searching the internet. I came across this site and so many of you are hurting and looking for relief!

This morning I thought I would try my garlic treatment and see if it would help the BV. Well, I had immediate relief and now it is 6 hours later and I feel great! I will do it again tonight.

Here are the details about how to do this. Crush 1 fairly large clove of garlic and put it in 1 1/2 cups water. Whirl in a blender. Use this solution for a douche. I don't even bother to strain it! I sit on the toilet and do a slow douche. Afterward I don't even pat dry - just put on panties with a panty liner.

This cures vaginal yeast (maybe do it twice a day for 3 days) and I am hopeful that this is the answer for BV also.

The above solution should be the right strength. If you get it too strong it will burn a little for a short time.

You might be concerned that you will smell like garlic. Believe me, you won't smell! I don;t know why. Even my husband can't tell when I have done this.

This is easy and is the absolute CHEAPEST treatment you can try. Try it first before bothering with all the capsules, yogurt, and other stuff.

I pray that this will work for you!

Posted by T (Atlanta, Ga) on 02/15/2011
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Fresh Garlic for Yeast Infections

Hi I would just like to thank this wonderful website for all the knowledge posted. I tried the garlic clove on a string for yeast infections and it worked like a charm. I felt the yeast infection coming on while at work so by the time I got home I strung up some garlic and inserted it vaginally, not even a whole hour went by that I began to feel so so o much better. Thank you so much earthclinic.

Posted by Galadriel (Manchester, England) on 08/02/2010
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A great tip that works straight away for vaginal thrush: Take a garlic clove, thread it with a needle and insert the clove overnight or longer. Pull out as if it were a tampon. This is a bit unusual but works miracles.

Posted by Soculture (Lansing, Mi, Usa) on 02/06/2010
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I made my own garlic oil by filling a coffee cup half way filled with olive oil. Bought fresh garlic and used one clove and cut up into pieces and put into the olive oil in the cup. I let the garlic soak in the olive oil for several hours. I knew that it had steeped enough when I smelled the oil and it had a garlic smell. I then used this to apply to my outer areas and applied to a tampon and inserted vaginally. This is the only thing I have found so far to find any relief. I have been miserable. Once I did this for a day I found that my symptoms went away. I applied the oil any time I found discomfort on the outer area of my skin and used the tampon soaked in oil in the morning and a night. I found that I only needed to insert the tampon and leave it in an hour or two. This method does not cause discomfort or burning from the oil. It actually soothed the symptoms. I would highly recommend this and will use this again if I ever get a yeast infection again.

Posted by Meg (Edison, Nj) on 08/12/2009
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Garlic for Vaginal Yeast Infection... O ya! I was reluctant to try inserting raw Garlic in their but after bad itching and discomfort, I took 3 cloves of garlic and put it in a thread that I can pull it out later on, inserted it at night, and in 4 hours took it out. And guess what! I am a new woman again :-) Thanks EC.

Posted by Amber (Silver City, Nm) on 07/31/2009
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Garlic cured my yeast infection. The quickest way to cure a yeast infection naturally is to take a clove of garlic ON A STRING (I learned the hard way...) and use it as a vaginal suppository. After 2 days and 2 nights, no itching! If you do not use a string, the clove might have to be taken out by a friend or your partner. I have also tried dicing up 1 small clove of garlic and swallowing the pieces whole (do not chew) with a glass of water. I did this 2-3 times a day for a week and had good results.

Posted by Keri (Mississauga, Canada) on 02/11/2009
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Hi guys, I thought I always had yeast infections and accepted it as a part of life but one day I decided to go to the doctor.I found out I had a combination of excess yeast and bacterial vaginosis. The doctor prescibed me diflucan and flagil, and like a dummy; I took both. For the first few days, sex was fine, but then after my period, it was like all hell broke loose.

I found out that garlic kills yeast, so I inserted garlic vaginally overnight, and the yeast was gone!, it was painful, but well worth it. The only problem was that the fishy smell persisted. I came across this website and started taking 1mg of folic acid daily, 3 acidoliphus (however you spell it) pills, and tons of activia yogurt daily. Now, my vagina is healthy and I am happy!

My message here is...garlic kills yeast and folic acid with probiotics kills bacteria, oh yeah, and easy on the sugar ladies.

Posted by Prabha (Delhi, India) on 12/15/2008
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A few days ago I suffered a very bad attack of yeast infection. At first I tried the usual antifungal pessaries from over the counter but of no use. The itching was just intolerable. Then I came upon garlic method while searching on the internet. One of the home remedies sites said garlic cloves if kept in vagina cured yeast infections;dose and duration varied according to the severity of infection. Usually 3-4 cloves strung on a thread kept for 12 hours for 4-5 days was good for a mild infection. However I had a rather full blown infection. I used 5-7 garlic cloves peeled, cut them in half and strung in a thread with a needle. However those who have garlic sensitivity should not cut or nick the clove after peeling it. Also I kept the string inside for 24 hours and put a renewed string immediately after removing the used one. The itching stopped almost immediately and after a period of 9 days of continuous use I was free from it. Hope this helps someone. However I would also like to add that I was sure I had yeast infection. This remedy may not work for other infections of the vagina.

Posted by Nome (Baltimore, USA) on 12/03/2008
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Garlic cured yeast infection and sinus infection--on different occasions. The yeast infection while pregnant, just inserted it up before bed and taken out in morning. Sinus infection and coughing phlegm many times, chopped up raw and on a PB sandwich, sucked and chewed on slowly during day too.

Posted by MsB (Rosenberg, Texas) on 10/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I must be honest, I was really scared to try the Garlic Clove, but i figured, what harm can it do. I peeled a piece of fresh garlic, and cut it in half (vertically) and inserted into my "sugarpot". My "sugarpot" began to feel much better! In the morning, I had no symptoms. Im going to do it again to make sure that the yeast is gone. But It really really works, Thanks to all who posted feedback, it has really helped!

Posted by Rose (Coast, Oregon) on 09/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Wow, garlic worked WONDERS on completely eradicating my yeast infection within just two days. Well, the first day I swallowed a couple cloves of crushed garlic, but I didn't notice any improvement over the day. So that night, I inserted a small clove of garlic and Thank Mother Earth, the next morning the itching had subsided almost completely. The next night, I did the same, only I crushed the garlic a tiny bit to release the oils more. Today, no more symptoms whatsoever! None at all! Yayy. I may do the same again tonight, just to make sure all the yeast is gone. Haa, we should all chip in and advertise garlic clove yeast infection cure, that'd put the tube-o-chemicals company right OUT!(incidentally, I have never used any of those type of creams and only had a yeast infection once before, but it seemed to go away on it's own after about 5 days...still, garlic is a wonder for this.) :P I love this site so much, thank you! Everyone is so helpful, you are all amazing people. Oh...and also, I started drinking a few cups of Kombucha a few days ago, and then this happened. I'm not sure how exactly they would be connected, if anyone knows or has had the same experience with Kombucha, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks for any info. :) Peace