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Posted by Happy Vj (Kc, Mo) on 09/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

the plain yogurt worked like a charm and only cost me 99 cents as opposed to the monistat that cost 20 bucks and didn't work at all. Thanks for all the suggestions! So glad to have my happy vajayjay back!

Posted by Marica (Clearwater, Florida) on 07/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a YI for several months. I tried most everything here and it helped temporarily. Acidophilus worked well but what really worked was witch hazel used topically and internally as a douche. I did this for a week and have not had a YI for years now. Witch Hazel has been around for a very, very long time and people just don't know about all its uses. Try it you will like it.

Posted by Haley (Hackberry, LA) on 08/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

1c ACV in med. deep bath for 30 min = 90% relief for me! THANKS!

2 days ago I started getting a terrible vaginal yeast infection which was progressively getting worse. I bought the monistat ovule yesterday and used it at about 10pm. Today, I woke up at 1:30am absolutely miserable. I couldn't hardly walk the area was so irritated; it was absolutely unbearable. I sat in the shower under cool/warm running shower & tried to go back to sleep. Tough luck, absolutely no improvement. So I Googled "yeast infection instant relief" and as always, Earth Clinic was one of the first sites to pop up. I quickly read some reviews and followed three of them. (1) I ate a container of (flavored) yogurt (that's all I plain) (2) I minced a large clove of garlic into some water & chugged it (3) poured about 1c of ACV into a medium-depth bath (enough to lay back & the area still be covered). 30 minutes later I got out & am now posting this...the itching is completely gone. The skin around my v-jay was very very red and irritated/raw. I do still have a little burning, but I will definitely be able to fall asleep. Wow. EC, Thanks so much for being here when I need you! (P.S. it's 3:23am & I am FINALLY going to SLEEP!) xoxo - hk