DMSO Treatment for Lipoma

| Modified: Nov 15, 2018

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Posted by Karen (London, Canada) on 05/16/2015
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My daughter has had a lipoma on the back of her neck at the base of her skull since she was 2 years old. She is now 13. It is just getting painful that she can't sleep on her back. It is also starting to ooze out with substance, and when squeezed a lot come out, but that's too painful to do so I said not to do that. I rubbed DMSO in it a few times and it appears to be half the size now. I applied it full strength with my finger 2 times a day for 3 days. I will now also start the ACV and see if that helps as well.

She is very thin, eats a very healthy mostly organic diet very low in meat and fat. Very low processed diet, so not much I can change there. She takes many supplements and spirulina and chlorella and kefir. very healthy child, not sure why she has this lipoma.

Replied by Troy

Doesn't sound like a lypoma. Lypomas don't ooze.

Replied by Dj

I once had a Lipoma in the same area. One day it became painful and infected. Something to do with the area of the sweat glands. Well I went to the doc. and he said it was infected and then squeezed a bunch of stuff from it. So it is possible for one to squeeze stuff from a lipoma if infected. It soon had to be removed by the doc.

Replied by Katherine

I have had many lipomas cut out of my back and arms. They have to cut very deep to get them out. More recently, I must be put under to remove many at once. They are large blobs of fat--nothing oozy about them. Maybe a sebacious cyst? I did have one surgeon argue with me about mine being that. Of course, he was wrong and his logic was flawed. Cysts are round and hard, lipomas are not. I would imagine that an infected cyst could rupture. There is no reason for a lipoma to become infected. Regardless, the original post is old and hopefully she took the child to the doctor because none of that sounds healthy or normal.