Atrial Fib Remedies

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Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 12/16/2014
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Travis, welcome. As you can see on EC, the response time is a bit delayed unlike other sites.

Pat and Bee, sorry to report that I went into AF last Thurs am. I did not have the luxury to wait for supplements to work, so I did a heavy dose of Flec, 300mg. I think now much less would work as I was in NSR in an hour. ND put me on high dose of Vit C thinking when Im battling something I go out of NSR, which has been the case, and suggested taking more Acetyl Carnitine. Now however there has been some increase in PACs, 5-10 per day/night, which isnt horrible, but of some concern. Im not one bit discouraged and remain on course, Med free and seeking more alternative remedies. Yes, The BSM is great and possibly doing other things in my system, including weight loss.