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  Supplements for Depression - Update

Wed, 26 Dec 18 16:36:43 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 12/25/2018

Thank you Rsw, I will see how I do on these supps I got like you say. You are so right about the folks here sharing their support, and knowledge with others.

My spiritual beliefs are very important to me, although some days I have such a lack of faith. Thank you for your suggestions. I only thought about it for Christmas, but I can practice my beliefs all year round right. And it does help, I seem to forget that very important part of my well-being. So focused on the emotional, mental, and physical.

So now I also will be getting some Niacin to try out after reading about that helping w/depression too

 Re: Bursitis Issues

Tue, 25 Dec 18 15:39:19 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/23/2018

DEIRDRE,,,,,,,, as the old Morton salt add said, "When it rains, it pours". The x rays showed that my ribs were not broken but severely bruised. However, I also have 8 compressed discs. I can only guess that happen 4 years ago when I fell and crushed my T 12 vertebra. I have had several MRI's since and and none of this was brought out.

I am almost certain I have the neck nerve thing that you had. If I lay flat, I don't sleep well, but the nerves in my arm are not inflamed. If I sleep in a lounge, then I sleep well, but my arm pain comes back. I also think that all this was caused my my chiropractor as he uses an aggressive air gun to move joints and bones. Nerves don't like that.

I did not want to start a pity party as my whole life and been about as interesting as I can stand. As all know, I'm a hard charger and this has caused me lots of grief. I got fired twice in the paper industry...... not from being incompetent, but being too competent and not taking crap from my boss'.

I retired after straightening out one of the largest paper mills in the world and when that was done, then I had no say. Hell, any snot nose kid can run a mill if it is running right. But when it was in the ditch, my word was law. A firing is like a divorce...... you have been rejected. Rejection is a downer. It stress' you out no matter how tough mentally you are.

That is the reason I admire Trump so much. Not one of us could take the crap he gets. He is a reincarnated Patton, if you have read his book. He won WWII in Europe, yet was put to pasture for slapping a coward with his glove. AYSM

Deirdre, I can promise you this ....with my personality there is half on EC that love me, and half that hate me. That's just the way we are. Weak folks can't stand strong folks yet, strong folks love other strong folk. Why is that?

I'll figure all that out in my next life. In the meantime, I think it's best I just try to chill.

Thank your for your prayers. They work and I have ATS about that too.


Multiple Remedies to Prevent Further Episodes of Diverticulitis

Tue, 25 Dec 18 10:03:10 -0800
Posted by Sophie (Victoria, Bc) on 12/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had always had bowel problems, since teenage, which I considered to be IBS, and then recently had a bout of diverticulitis (first time) that ended in a hospital stay and recommended surgery after my recuperation - until I realized that surgeons generally know and care about little but operating. I put surgery on hold, and through Earth Clinic and other sources developed a regimen that may be half placebo, but it works!

I begin the day with a small glass of plain organic kefir and a probiotic capsule (35 billion microorganisms, 15 strains - be sure to include B. infantis) sprinkled with baking soda. I end the day with a glass of warm water with 1 tsp ACV, 1 tsp lemon juice, sprinkled with cayenne. I make sure to have 6 to 8 glasses of liquid a day.

My most important discovery. Several medical sites mentioned that many developing world people have no such bowel problems (which, through straining, etc., lead to diverticulosis). Usually they attribute it to diet. One medical researcher attributes it instead to their use of the squat toilet, which places their bodies in a better position for bowel movements. My husband and I fashioned a sort of deck to surround my toilet so that I could use it in this way. It's actually quite beautiful, stained to match the woodwork - looks like something you'd see in an Indonesian hotel. Magic!!!! It's as if I never had a bowel problem. So regular and easy that others might say it's boring

I have great hope for the future. I don't know which change is the decisive one (I know I wouldn't give up the squat toilet for anything) but they are all easy to put into practice, so I will continue with the lot.

Peppermint Essential Oil, Baking Soda for Stained Teeth

Tue, 25 Dec 18 10:00:44 -0800
Posted by Qiana (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I just tried adding peppermint oil and baking soda to a q-tip and scrubbed my teeth and the stains disappeared instantly. I couldn't believe it. I'm blown away. I will be brushing my teeth with baking soda and peppermint oil from now on. Best tooth whitening remedy ever!

  Supplements for Depression - Update

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:59:52 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 12/22/2018

I don't feel good about continuing on the 5htp. Maybe just a gut instinct, but I'm going to try to just stick with my Bs, Magnesium, and a few other basic vitamins. I also like using the cayenne that Kt told me about, as well as other spices like ginger, garlic and turmeric. I do plan to try some niacin, and I finally came across a KAL brand, which I love their Magnesium, and it's tablet form, and 50 mg. I've read the site, a lot of anyway, from FoodMatters and feel safe in trying Niacin at a small dosage.

Tyrosine sounds good too, and I suppose trying some of these is the only way I'll know, but I didn't like the 5htp, especially didn't help me sleep, and did cause headaches. I read somewhere someone added tyrosine with the 5htp, but above, just the tyrosine helped someone. I guess I just don't like having to add something to a supplement when it already is supposed to help depression.

I am very glad it works for part of the crowd and I realize something that finally works for me might not work for some.

I also wanted to let Kt know that after my dosages of Cayenne and the rest of the things I made warm drinks out of today, must have helped. I really got moving and changed my apartment around and really had a great day. Cayenne and Ginger? Maybe so.

Magnesium Glycinate for Sleep

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:58:38 -0800
Posted by Raeofsun13 (Colorado) on 12/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Thought I would share my remedy and experience with not sleeping great. I have had two cervical fusions and am fused at 3 levels. I also have had an arm surgery with screws in my arm. I have arthritis and a bone spur on my big toe, arthritis is my thumbs and numerous other aches and pains. I was a competitive gymnast in my youth and hard on my body. I have tried various things to help me sleep, during the time of my surgeries I was on ambien, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

The thing that I have found most helpful is Magnesium Glycinate, it is the most highly absorbable form of magnesium for our bodies. I am amazed at how much better I have been sleeping. Have been taking 3/4 teaspoon at night, typically able to sleep through the night now, I used to wake up around 3 and toss and turn due to aches and pains. I have used this also when feeling sore or whenever I feel too many aches and pains. It works great.

  Re: Ted's Borax and Peroxide Treatment for Blepharitis

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:57:18 -0800
Posted by Aly (Alberta, Canada ) on 12/24/2018

Can you say exactly this recipe? How it you use for eyes? It is safe to use under eyes?

  Re: Lugol's for Skin Cancer

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:56:53 -0800
Posted by Jp (Arizona) on 12/24/2018

Dr. Tulio Simoncini recos 7% Lugols.

  Re: Serrapeptase for Blocked Arteries

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:56:18 -0800
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 12/24/2018

There is a familial type of heart issues that are genetic and does not respond well the natural cures.... perhaps you are one of these types of people? I can see your frustration and I am so sorry. Keep up with good diet practices and supplements but take your meds, buddy. Virtual hugs.

  Re: Side Effects from Taking L-Arginine for Heart Health

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:55:47 -0800
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 12/24/2018

this link does not appear to work fully. I was unable to order products and my computer gave a 'privacy warning' going on to this site. I am not tech savvy, maybe someone else can check this out.

  Re: Suspected Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:55:20 -0800
Posted by Aa (Ca) on 12/23/2018

Thanks for the post! Going through this now. Was diagnosed this week with IC. Did u feel a frequent urgency to urinate every 20 minutes? That's my worst problem right now. It's making me more stressed out to think I am going to stay this way. Labs all came back negative for an infection. I was told to take azo and an anti acid and to go back in two weeks. So far it's not working! :(

BHT for Epstein Barr

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:55:01 -0800
Posted by Crows (Nashville, Tn) on 12/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

This report is perhaps a bit premature, but the results have been so good that I am trying to get the information out there.

Firstly, I never received an official diagnosis of EBV, but I am pretty certain that it, and possibly other viruses are at fault. It has been building for several years and peaked last year. I have very low vitamin D for years which destroyed my immunity, and I got shingles 6 months before the first lymph node was discovered (the shingles cleared up on it's own). Only now have I found any relief from the multitude of symptoms that prevent me from doing anything at all. Even walking or just reading would usually bring on an attack of fatigue, photophobia, dizziness, nausea, and what feels like meningitis. I have had swollen lymph nodes in the classic EBV spots for over a year.

After trying virtually everything else, I gave BHT a try. For a few weeks I did not believe it was working. For the first 5 days I took 500mg per day twice per day on an empty stomach; against the recommendations I have read everywhere because I was desperate (I weigh nothing and eat a low fat diet). After 5 days I developed a nasty rash on my legs and systemic joint pains. It cleared up in 4 days and I started on 250mg.

No problems there.

After 2 weeks I was frustrated with the lack of results, but decided to run an experiment. I would make myself sick and then take the BHT at the height of an attack. To my complete surprise it completely reversed the symptoms in one hour. I repeated this each day, gradually going back to 500mg per day (this time with no complications). Each time it made me feel better and allowed me to do the activities I had been unable to do for even a few minutes for the past year. I could play guitar again, walk again, read again for hours. Eventually the symptoms would return, but by then it was time for my second dose.

After another two weeks we come to the present. I am now pushing myself for the entire day like I used to before I got sick, and am only experiencing a bit of heat in my head, and perhaps some mild general malaise a few times per day. This has been the case for the past 4 days. Absolutely remarkable! I am terrified that the virus might build a resistance so I am now taking biofilm enzymes. I am pushing myself because I want to bring the virus out whenever I can so I can stomp it out. This is just me guessing very unscientifically of course, but it appears to be working. I am hopefull that I will not have to take this the rest of my life but time will tell. If I go for months without any sign of symptoms I will ween myself off of the BHT slowly.

I am still symptomatic, but with the BHT I can actually function. I have not tried actual exercise yet, but that will be next.

TLDR: After 5 weeks of BHT I went from being completely useless to almost my old self again with (probably) EBV. After trying every reasonable supplement including Monolaurin, BHT was the only thing that had any perceivable effect, and the effect was miraculous.

  Re: Fulvic Acid

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:50:58 -0800
Posted by Bl (Ca) on 12/23/2018

Fulvic Acid should not contain minerals! I have been taking some and am now concerned I am making myself worse. by Dr Faust

  Re: Borax and Pink Salt for Autoimmune Diseases

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:48:04 -0800
Posted by Kameran (Jordan) on 12/23/2018

for Lupus you can use also with Borax

Peroxide hydrogen 35% food grade diluted

  Re: Protocol to Prevent Cancer - Update

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:46:49 -0800
Posted by P. Raghavan. (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 12/24/2018

Grape Seed / Raisins with Grape Seed and Green Drink for Cancer – UPDATE.

I came across two articles available in the internet with the following titles:

1) “Cancer-Fighting Broccoli”.

2) ”Does Broccoli Really Fight Cancer”?

Broccoli performs the following four functions:

1) Broccoli alkalizes the body.

2) Broccoli is rich in chlorophyll.

3) Broccoli is an oxygen-rich food and can increase blood oxygen level.

4) Sulforaphane in broccoli will help in the synthesis of glutathione, an endogenous antioxidant. Endogenous antioxidants are produced by the body.

Broccoli sprouts (5 days after seeding) are about 30 times more powerful than broccoli (100 days after seeding). In my opinion broccoli sprouts can be classified as one of the super foods to treat cancer since it performs the above four functions. Susan Jones, UK also confirms that broccoli sprouts work very good for cancer treatment in this website from her experience. It is advisable to take one cup of green drink extracted from broccoli sprouts. One can buy broccoli seeds to make broccoli sprouts either online or at walmart. Broccoli sprouts will produce very good results. There are two videos available that will explain the method to make broccoli sprouts from broccoli seeds:

1) “How to sprout broccoli seeds” by Dr. Douglas Won.

2) “How to grow broccoli sprouts as discussed by Dr. Rhonda Patrick”.

In my opinion, there is also a super herb to treat cancer. It is turmeric with black pepper. There are many articles available in the net regarding cancer and turmeric.

If a person can maintain morning urine pH level and morning urine antioxidant level as follows for about 8 weeks, one can expect very good results:

1) Morning urine pH level in the range of 6.8 to 7.0.

2) Antioxidant level of morning urine after one hour in the range of -100 milliVolt to - 140 milliVolt.

There is another article available in the net titled “Another blood pressure medication recalled”. According to this article, FDA is recalling blood pressure medicine VALSARTAN and other related medicines because of cancer risk. It appears that they may contain oxidant-rich chemicals which can produce large amount of free radicals. If a person takes medicines that can generate large amount of free radicals, it will be very difficult to increase antioxidant level of morning urine. I hope the information provided here will be useful.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan

  Re: Serrapeptase

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:44:45 -0800
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 12/24/2018

Oy veh Robert Henry!! I think this is a good thing to keep our eyes on. The is a good response from another writer that makes me feel better about Dr's Best but but but. Do you recall the scare when powered plastic was being put in baby formula.... I think in the 60s or 70s. Always be aware of ALL companies no matter where they are located. Peace baby Peace

Vitamin C for Colds

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:44:16 -0800
Posted by Raeofsun13 (Colorado) on 12/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

For colds, this cure has to be done at the first feeling you have a cold. Dose 2500mg every 30-40 minutes until the symptoms subside or you hit bowel tolerance. Bowel tolerance is defined as loose stools or gas. I have done this numerous times and have dosed as high as 30,000 mg in a day before hitting tolerance. The next day, I feel fine. I have been taking Vitamin C for years: 10,000 - 15,000 mg a day is my typical dose. Each person is different and has different needs, our bodies do not produce Vitamin C. During times of stress our body needs more age well. Haven't had a cold in years since I started on Vitamin C daily.

Here are some articles...

Robert F. Cathcart, III, MD - google Vitamin C Protocol

Linus Pauling - google Vitamin C

Frederick R. Klenner, M.D - google Vitamin C

Amazing book by Irwin Stone can be found on this site -

  Re: Treating Depression

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:42:52 -0800
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 12/23/2018

Hi Denise,

It looks like the supplements you chose has all your bases covered. Some people have a methylation conversion problem, and they need the bioavailable form of some of the B vitamins. (the B12 in your vitamin is the bioavailable form). For now, take what you have and see how you feel. It may be just right for your needs.

Whether you are a religious person or not, I thought I would mention that just attending a midnight or Christmas Eve candle lighting service at a church can be a very grounding and peaceful experience. Singing “Silent Night” as the candles are lit across the church attendees always makes me feel very quiet and thankful. This is a difficult time of year for many. The people on this site can become like a family and are always willing to help you from each unique perspective. We are fortunate to have much support in this community from people with big hearts, extensive personal research, and open minds to alternative medicine.

You are an inspiration to others who are just coming here for the first time, by honestly sharing your successes and concerns. These days contain the same 24 hours as all the others, so there is no need to stress and worry. You are strong and capable, and you already have many friends who care about you here. All is well. Take care.

  Re: Cilantro for Grover's

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:42:02 -0800
Posted by Eric (New Jersey) on 12/23/2018

So happy to hear of your success. I've just been diagnosed with Grover's about a month ago and am going through the prednisone, topical ointments, Benadryl, etc.... just cant seem to find relief for any length of time. Evenings going to sleep are brutal. How often do you eat the cilantro on a daily basis?

Zinc Oxide Cream for Rosacea

Tue, 25 Dec 18 09:40:52 -0800
Posted by Rob (Cape Hatteras, Nc) on 12/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling for many years with rosacea or candidia on my face. I have been diagnosed by a dermatologists with rosacea. I struggle to keep it under control. I use a lot of my wife's foundation makeup to hide the redness. Two days ago we were at a Christmas gathering with friends and I ate and drank a few items off my normal diet. I know I have triggers that cause flare ups so I try to be aware of what I eat. At this party, I had some homemade salsa, white wine and homemade Chirstmas cookies( cooked with white sugar) . Everything else I consumed was on my normal diet. When I woke up the next morning and saw my face in the mirror, what I saw was unbelievable. It was the worst breakout I have ever had in the 10 plus years of managing this condition. I was devestated and did not leave the house.

My first thought was to get on earth clinic and look for new information that might help. After reading for a while, I got the courage to go buy a few items that people said had worked for them. When I got back home, I put ACV, diluted 50% with water on one side of my face, Tea Tree oil on my forehead and Diaper rash ointment with 13% zinc oxide on the other side of my face. I saw no change or maybe even worse with ACV and TTO. But the Diaper rash ointment seemed to be calming down the redness.

After about 6 hours with absolutley no change from the ACV and TTO, I coated my entire face with the diaper rash ointment. By the evening I coated my face again. I was actually seeing results! Before I went to bed, I coated my face again. When I woke up, I had amazing results! My face was better than before my breakout. For the second day of treatment, I applied very thin coats to my face. I even got my wife to apply it to my back which is very dry and has redness. Its too early to tell how my back will respond but I have a new face!!!

Please try Diaper rash white ointment with 13% zinc oxide. I am also going to start taking a zinc supplement.