Treatment for Side Effects of the Feline Rabies Vaccine


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Posted by Patricia (Tucson, Arizona) on 06/03/2011
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Again I have used the Thuja remedy for a Bombay female feline, 1.5 years old, that I adopted from our local Humane Society at an adoption Fair at a local PetsMart. She had already been spayed and given shots to prepare her for the adoption, as their responsible practice dictates. I noticed her belly was firm and she was very shy, staying at the back of the cage, but she came to me when the volunteer opened the door for me and was very loving. She is jet black with gold and green eyes, with even her toenails being black. I took her adoption ID collar off at home and noticed her fur was rough and shorter where the collar had rubbed it. Her fur was thinned, although I didn't find bald spots, and it seemed dry. Her inner eyelids were showing at the corners, a sign of unwellness in cats. She would hiss when I would try to reach for her in her hiding places (normal for a cat who is afraid and does not know someone, but a reminder of my previous incident with Jojo) but she would be very affectionate as soon as I began to pet her and never applied teeth or claws. What a sweetie! I re-read the stories after a search for this remedy again because I felt inside that maybe her hissing was not all out of fear. I gave her 1 dose, crushing and melting the tiny tablet in 1/3 shot glass of bottled water and using an eyedropper to give the liquid under her tongue. I did not touch the tablet, just dropped it into the glass from the vial. She was out and about my home within a couple of days and has not been hissing since I gave her the remedy. I have only had her for about 3 weeks, her fur is glossy and jet to the skin and her eyes are clear and bright. She is bouncy and affectionate, since the second day she came home and I believe the remedy helped clean out her system from the vaccinations and surgery medications (they told me she had antibiotics after surgery). Although she was pretty then, Nola is shiney and smooth now! PS She adores Jojo, see my story from 01/01/2009. I am so grateful for the stories people share here! Thank you all!

Posted by Patricia (Tucson, Arizona) on 01/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thuja- I used the remedy described in early comments for Thuja, exactly as described for my Cream Champagne Mackeral Tabbie cat, Jojo. I took him for his annual vaccinations (he previously had the recommended sets of kitten boosters a year ago, December 2007 was the second booster) and he recieved FVRCPC, FELV and Rabies Feline 3 Year shots. I did this fully believing that this is good for his protection and I wanted my bebe to be taken care of. He weighed in at 16.9 lbs, and is currently 19 months old (DEC 08). Very healthy, enough that the vet and his assistant had very nice compliments about him. Jojo is a sweet tempered cat and still a baby in personality, charming many who meet him with his baby-like face and personality. I was with him while he recieved his shots and he came home fine, bouncy as usual. The next morning was not fine, he was sweaty looking, clamped onto the sofa and fearful when I tried to pick him up, growling when I did manage to pick him up (I never heard him growl before) and the space between his shoulders appeared puffy and he "flickered" his fur there constantly. He actually trembled when I tried to pick him up again. I have never seen a reaction like this before and to say the least it is still distressing! I just tried to let him be still and tried not to scare him that I would touch him. I re-read the paper sent home about reactions to vaccines and the looked it up on the internet. Through "The Pet Whisperer" I came here on a link. I read some of the statements and was beside myself of what to do. I got the impression a regular vet would be extremely costly and still not effective. But I did read the Thuja remedy and an Activated Charcoal remedy. I wrote both down and went to Whole Foods Market and found both. I made the Thuja as described and started with that. Jojo accepted the liquid easily and gratefully. At this point he still stayed curled and hadn't moved from where I had left him. In about two hours Jojo got up on his own and went to his food bowl and ate a little. I gave him another dropper then and another before bed, a few hour later. He was impressively better. He was still a little shy and fearful of me petting his shoulders, but this next morning let me pet him as usual and appears to not have discomfort or pain. I will continue the droppers today and maybe tomorrow, if it appears to be neccessary. I do not believe I will be getting him vaccinated again! He is an indoor cat and I don't want this to happen again! I wish I would have known about this before. Now I am so grateful someone shared specific information and explained it so I felt it worth a try! My "monkey" is a part of my life, he came to me off the street and found my house somehow, as kindred spirits do. Thank you for being here! Through stories we tell we can help each other and someone's story helped me.