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Posted by Sohail (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 09/02/2010

In the english translation of the book "The perfumed Garden" author write one give one recipe. One of the ingredient for it is "pyrether". I can not find any reference to this herb. If you know this herb let me know the hindi/urdu name of it. Thanks

EC: Hi Sohail,

Fun! A little hunting on Google Books and we found this in Spice: The History of a Temptation - Page 222

* Pyrether
An aromatic North African root, sometimes known as pellitory. It has a light aroma and a persistent, pungent taste.

Google Images: Images of Pellitory


Support for Earth Clinic  

Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 07/19/2018

Regarding support for

If you want to get more donations you need to make the support option more visible. At present support info. is hidden at the bottom of a very long page found under the Contact section. Support should have it's own tab in your banner; something snappy like Click Here to Support Earth Clinic then have the viewer taken directly to a Support Options page.

EC: Thank you so much, Gord235, for your helpful advice.

Apologies for waiting a month before posting and replying to you.  We've taken your advice very serious given this critically tough time for Earth Clinic. 2 recent Google search updates, one targeting many health and nutrition sites in early August, have severely impacted our web traffic. We just launched a GoFundMe campaign and created an easy to spot button on our navigation menu at the top of the site to the gofundme campaign.

Thank you again. Many blessings to you.

Replied by Art
419 posts

This is a great idea! Earth Clinic has been here for years providing a needed and useful service of helping us to better health and has never asked for a penny! Now is our chance to show our appreciation for EC and all of the good it has provided through the years!!! Every donation is a vote to keep Earth Clinic and its valuable remedies and cures going and that will be a great thing for all of us!!!


EC: Thank you for your support, Art! 

Replied by Littlewing

Just hit the GoFundMe Page, getting this back up top on comments. Earth Clinic and it's contributors have saved me multiple times. I'll spread the word. Good luck!

EC: Thank you so much, Littlewing! 


GO FUND ME PAGE - Rinse and Repeat - bringing subject back up to Recents. Thanks everyone!

Replied by Gord235
Vancouver, Canada

I'm sure I'm not the first member to have thought of funding for EC but happy to see my comments at the top of this post. Nothing runs for free including websites. EC has been very helpful to me and I am glad to see a funding mechanism in place. Lets donate and allow EC to continue the good work.


Posted by Kim (Melbourne, Vic/australia) on 01/12/2011

Where can I find a list of Ted's remedies on this site? They seem to be hard to locate - or is it just me?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Kim... The best way to find out about particular remedies from Ted is to use the search box at the top right of Earth Clinic's page. Just set the search for EC and not the Web and use it like that.

For instance, if you want Ted's recommendations and remedies for candida, then just type "Ted candida" or "Ted from Bangkok candida" into the search box. The results will give you a list of candida advice and remedies from Ted. Or if you want advice from Joyce on candida then just type "Joyce candida" into the search box.

Also, if you go to the AILMENTS tab on EC and choose one -- say AIDS -- when the page is displayed there will always be a Table of Contents area on the top right of the page which splits the page up into sections. At the very top of the Table of Contents list -- in the green box -- will be "Questions and Answers". When you click on this box, it will take you to another page where Ted answers all questions -- with remedies -- on that particular ailment.

Thank you  

Posted by Earth Clinic (Ca) on 02/21/2018

Hello EC community! We just wanted to thank you for your vigilance in identifying suspect posts on EC. We recently had a suspected "bait and switch" on one of the threads and several readers flagged it as such.

You guys have been amazing the past 10 years at flagging the posts you think are off, weird, nonsensical, mean-spirited, and etc. You are not privy to the scores of posts we have delete behind the scenes each day here and on our YouTube channel, but holy moly, they would make you laugh.

Thank you so much for helping us keep Earth Clinic beautiful.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day.


Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 07/11/2017

To our wonderful readers,

We are pleased to present a brand new video on Colloidal Silver. This is the first video in a series on CS.

A giant thanks to Art from CA who, through his many posts on the subject, elucidated how to distinguish between ionic silver and colloidal silver and why it's important to do so.

We hope the video will clarify some of the labeling confusion on silver solutions sold in health food stores around the world.

Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles) on 06/24/2017

Ever tried making an alkalizing bath bomb for your kids? So much fun and good for them when they're sick!

Here's a new video featuring Mama's cutie pie son explaining how to make BBs using citric acid, baking soda, bentonite clay and witch hazel.

Mama to Many will also tell you how these bath bombs can help itchy skin issues like poison ivy and chicken pox.

Posted by Earth Clinic (La) on 01/27/2017

Our new borax video - just out on YouTube!

Learn why thousands of people around the world drink a borax solution and 2 popular ways to make a borax solution. Check the description box for time stamps links so that you can start watching the section you want.

Please give a thumbs up if you liked it! Thank you!

Vitamins and Herbal Supplements  

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 02/04/2015

So the vitamin and herbal products here in the news is disturbing, but not shocking in my opinion. There are several reasons this may have occurred.

One could be greed and the vitamins and herbals are being prostituted to the public. Meaning they will sell you anything to make a dollar and not care about if it cures or kills you. Two, this could be a false flag and an attack on the supplement industry ( so it can be regulated by the gov. ) Three it makes the people using natural cures look as if they are on the wrong path. If you have the same stuff the old timers used it will work, but if it is fillers and NONE of the vitamin or herbal in the pills of course it won't work.

If the supplements are doing us no good or possibly harm, then we are in no better shape than dealing with the big pharma.

I take lots of vitamins and herbals and this is a huge industry. I do believe if it comes raw from the plant or veggie or fruit or sunshine it is better absorbed by us in its natural form. I also believe that what helps me most is good old baking soda for PH. Even when I cure colds and stuff, I do it with raw garlic and not from pill form.


Replied by Bama

RE: supplements in the news. What gets me is 'why do they CARE'? If I want to put things into my body, I'm the only one responsible for it. They promote e-cigarettes, weed, using mercury in vaccines, etc. But if I want to take control of my own health, by golly they're gonna stop me if they can! I just want the powers that be to leave me alone!

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

Thanks for the post Rebel.

This is no coincidence as the propaganda against nutritional supplements occurs several times per yr, and w/ very little substance or credible evidence to back those reports on each occasion.

This also comes down the wire at the same time as major pro-mandatory vaccinations propaganda. Parental rights for children's health is constantly under fire especially in cases like cancer where medical & legal "professionals" essentially abduct children under the auspice of parents endagerering the child's life. I really don't believe there are many or any parents that intentionally, knowingly give their children cancer; they would certainly need be mad geniuses to do something like that.

Also, now since the USA elected a federal gov controlled healthcare president where people are forced to buy health insurance ... well, we are on the road to a very bad situation in terms of human health & freedom. Unlabeled GMO foods is another item on the agenda, as is uncontrolled human populations. Widespread overly-prescribed medication w/ Big Pharma crunching the numbers for drugs like Statins and SSRI's w/, again, little or twisted science to validate the efficacy. From the medical professionals perspective and claim, all vaccines are totally safe. They report zero bad side effects for all vaccines, yet they disclose no etiology for conditions like autism. It is very difficult to believe that in this age of advanced science, technology, and information systems that medical "professionals" have no credible evidence for a disease that's less than a century old.

In the political arena, there are few real leaders and most are simply going for the money while government is in major debt.

Well, I am really rambling now, but there are a number of overlapping causes to any number of these toxic social conditions, not simply fascism. IMHO.

Webite Comments  

Posted by Don (Ne, Ontario) on 11/24/2014

I have just wasted 30 min listening to: "REMOVE heavy metals from your body."

I listed to chap babble on ? who does not have enough respect for himself or his audience to comb his hair.

You have just undermined any respect for your web site on what is an important subject. Terrible, terrible babble!!!! Even just leaving a pitcher of water out when you go to bed results in less chlorine in the water by morning.

EC: Hi Don,

Kindly tell us where you saw this horrible video. Earth Clinic only has a few videos out and removing heavy metals is not one of them!

Replied by James222
New Hampshire

I just read your post with great interest regarding heavy metals and it inspired me to write an easy to follow plan. Having successfully cleared out my own heavy metals I hope you find it useful.

Stay tuned it's already been sent off to EC for approval .

Kindest Regards


Replied by Art
419 posts

Hi Deirdre,

Is there an estimated completion date for the other 50% of the website platform move?


EC: Hi Art,

No estimated date, but hopefully 2-3 weeks from now depending on how much cleanup work has to be done once the reader posts are moved over!

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

EC, I'm sort of addicted to EC so when a few days pass with no new posts, I work up a sweat!

Sorry to be so selfish, OF COURSE you ppl need vacation times etc. it's just that you are just about the BEST site on the internet, the give and take here is incredibly human, besides being incredibly useful!

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Posted by Colleen (Homosassa, Fl) on 05/21/2018

Thank you for this wonderful site .. And God bless those of you who take time to share.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U CHARITY,,,,,,,,,, several months Dr Shallenberger wrote an article about IASIS and I had no clue. He had first poopooed the topic, but a friend told him otherwise and to get involved. He did and now says... it's the real McCoy. It is an electrical feed back program that is doing wonders for our veterans who had brain trauma in Iraq during the war.

We have an integrated doctor a little over an hour's away and we are starting the treatments. My Tractor Driver just had her first. If it lets her sleep and feel at peace, then I'm the next in line. We have had no brain traumas but still want to be at peace.

With your childhood brain trauma, what have you got to lose by researching? It is new, so there are few doctors in this field. You seem like a bright person, and you can find someone in your region that can give you guidance.

In any case, I wish you well. ===ORH===

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

So glad you are improving Charity. I have a condition which is so severe but I keep fighting and hope to celebrate a return to much better health soon. I've been singing the song "Back On My Feet Again" with Michael Bolton last few days.

As long as I am able and posting here on E.C. I am at your service for additional help in your Healing Journey.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

Old Robert Henry, I will consider that electrical feedback. I have another friend that has brain trauma from emotional abuse and she told me she wants to have it when she has $/insurance. Currently I am reintegrating Broken off parts of my heart (person) as they pop up.( D.I.D.) I am learning from a site called net burst net. I have found your post interesting and wish I had your green thumb and brain skills to process information. Let me know as you learn more by experience, about the electrical feedback program. Is it spendy and does a normal policy cover it % $ very well. I'll be following your post as usual. Thank you so much . Love, Charity

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

Hi Timh, Thank you, you have posted so many good helps. It seems three steps forward and two steps back, is normal. I do what I can in the natural and then pray for an ACT OF GOD. I hope you find yourself BACK ON YOUR FEET AGAIN and DANCING.Love, Charity

PS If you know how to regenerate teeth, please spill your guts ....I know some stuff, but it's still GAME ON.

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

Mine is like 1 step forward one step back. I can get the upper hand only momentarily.

For teeth I swish a mouthful of minerals (bulk powder Azomite), plus lots of Vit-D and K1/K2. Taurine helps the body utilize minerals as well as Calcium 2-AEP. I also like the Hyland's Cal Phos 6x for bones & teeth as it is the best delivery of these minerals.

As for regrowth, Zinc is always a must as well as adequate Omega 3's. Chewing some dried Comfrey Leaves would certainly seem to help.

Almost forgot the first step so lets back up. Swishing Colloidal Silver would kill any possible infection in the gums or even jawbones if done properly.

I keep thinking about the herb Gotu Kola for brain health and also tissue repair. I hope that someone can find a way for our dear Ted to get some good brain nutrition which would surely help. It would be a great day if he could get well enough to be active here again. There are many manufacturers that have nutrient formulas all good for brain and neurochemistry. Are you taking one of these??? Nootropics is the proper term for these. I didn't see you list any except maybe the Lecithin. There is an advanced Choline nutrient becoming more common called Citicoline. It's an ingredient in many of the energy drinks or 5 hr Energy.
Found a good site for lots of info on the topic:

Good tips from -ORH- as it is obvious many folks suffering from like conditions especially wounded vets. For an intro to the treatments he suggested try some Brainwave, Binaural or Isochronic Tones or Music or Beats on YouTube. I listen to the Cannabis as well as Love528 beats in my battle against the cancer. It really helps revert my DNA back to normal. There are some good deep relaxation or meditation tunes.

Let us know about your progress.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

I looked all of these up and azomite is a fertilizer, so you swish it and spit? I use D+ sunbathe, K and taurine daily. I tried some cal phos but not sure about it, so I will try the hylands next time I order supplements. I will try the comfrey leaves, are they at the grocery store bulk spice? I bite a fish oil capsule daily and let it soak my teeth. I use zinc but maybe not enough. I started using ginger this past week . A dime size sliver of raw, chewed, really helped cut sinus drama from dental issues and helps liver too.( A friend of mine inquired of the Lord and my symptoms I had for two days stopped in five minutes. )Tonight I felt led to ask her to inquire for you. She heard your immune system was poor and to use St. Johns Wart tea mixed with colloidal silver 3x a day until you feel improvement. She hits the target a lot as a seer. Neither of us was familar with st Johns but I looked it up in earth clinic and it works as an anti viral and another site said possible as a cancer treatment. Also anti depressant.

I will be trying more things you and ORHenry recommended as $ allows . I recently bought a lot of gut helpers and trying to add one at a time slowly so I can digest what I eat and get better health. Also detoxing my liver slowly. Did try some spooky 2 you tube, rife for teeth and gums .Have also been listening to some frequencies on you tube over the years.One day at a time and we can win these battles . It's a JOYRNEY..lotsa fun!

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

Yes, I hold a big mouthful of the Azomite for a few minutes about once-a-wk to mineralize my teeth then spit it out. Comfrey is a little hard to find cause it can be toxic if taken internally, but you can also use the active ingredient Allantoin which is not toxic.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

Timh,,,,,,,,, is this the same Utah stuff that I'm using in my garden to increase my soil trace minerals? I buy it by the 40 # bags. I can understand using it in a garden, but how can swishing volcanic ash help your teeth? Not doubting you, just don't understand the chemistry.

Your buddy and neighbor ====ORH====

Replied by Timh
2115 posts


Az is my main source of trace minerals so I use it orally, swishing, foot & whole body baths.

Jaw Bones need minerals to keep the teeth solid.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

Timh,,,,,,,, I spray my skin down with magnesium prior to a sauna and never thought of doing that with a trace mineral product. See ...... you just taught an ole man something, and I thank you.

Folks need to know what hits their skin is into their body. It's called transdermal. I still have questions about the teeth thing.


Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

I appreciate any tips to try, I got a new one today . Make a paste of baking soda and coconut oil and put it on cracked tooth . Hope it works like a miracle...I'll let you know

Posted by Barbara (Folsom, Ca) on 03/26/2017

It is extremely difficult to search for the many valuable posts that I have used and re-used. Where do I now go to be able to enter a search? I entered Ted's Carbicarb recipe finally on google --still could not find it. Very disappointing turn with an dearly appreciated site! The youtube videos are good...but the site change is a tremendous disappointment! Information will be welcomed!

EC: Hi Barbara, thank you for your honest feedback.

Earth Clinic's design is no longer "new" as we updated it last June. However, we hoping to make a shift in upcoming months to WordPress from this customized design and database which has LOTS of ongoing issues, especially when you factor in that most people are viewing EC on their mobile phones. Hopefully information will be much easier to find once we move to WordPress and reorganize everything, but it's a complicated move and will take a while to sort out on a limited budget.

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 09/20/2016

Hi Team. I realize you may be having "teething troubles" but:-

Are we still able to edit our postings AND see the result in the "Recent Postings"? Some of us have second thoughts and need to go back to flesh out or improve or simply correct a slip up. At present we are welcomed to edit our humble offerings but the results don't show up!

Next:- We could formerly under the "Ancient Regime" ( ah, la Belle Epoque! ) click on the title of our post in our "Account section" and it would whisk us magically away and transport us "seamlessly" to the relevent piece in the "Recent Posts" so we could see if there was any follow up. Maybe I am not keeping up too well. Do I need a treatment?


EC: Hi Michael,

Edited posts come back our moderators for review (to make sure people aren't sneaking in product names) and then get posted on the site. However, they don't reappear at the top of the Latest Posts page as a new post, they simply overwrite the previous post. We've approved all of your edits, so if they are not appearing in place of the old, please let us know as this would indicate a glitch in our editing programming.

Thank you for alerting us that links are missing in the "My Posts" section of accounts. Shall be fixed soon!

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

Hi Team. Nope - still no edits getting through to where it counts. I am sorry I cannot bestow an "Editor's Choice" award to your esteemed Programer yet awhile!

Maybe I will just have to correct my omissions again if that is what it takes.


EC: Sorry about that. Thank you for alerting us to the issue during this week of multiple glitches and tweaks. The editing issue has now been fixed. Unfortunately, you must re-edit any posts you tried to edit when we changed to a new design. Apologies for the extra work!

Posted by Art (California ) on 09/17/2016 419 posts

I was wondering why sometimes when I am going to post, at the top of the page it says I am signed in, but when I go to post, I am asked for my information as though I am not logged in?


EC: Hi Art!

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We've noticed this issue too. Our system logs you out after 24 hours, but the  "Welcome, Art!" message at the top has not refreshed to "Login". Our programmer will fix this today hopefully!

Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 09/17/2016

Dear Ed. Do you have this entry in your "Remedies Section". I couldn't find it even under "Pineapple".

"Bromelain - an extract of the pineapple stem and utilized for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects because of an enzyme that digests protein".

Thanks, Michael

EC: Hi Michael,

No, we don't have a bromelain page but thank you for the suggestion! We will try to create a new page for it this week.

We did create a new remedies page for Boswellia last week, fyi...

Posted by Earth Clinic on 08/31/2016

Woo hoo! We are thrilled to tell you Earth Clinic's Apple app is now available. Quickly discover the top remedies for hundreds of ailments. Don't miss it out -- it's free!