Sea Salt Benefits

Boils, Staph  

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Posted by Ley (Birmingham, Alabama, Usa) on 08/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Three weeks ago my daughter came to me with what we thought might be insect bites on the upper part of her leg (bottom of her bottom). They hurt. Visually they didn't look like much more than a mosquito bite. Three days later she came to me again. The "bites" had escalated frighteningly!! They had turned black on the inside and were whelped in red. Before we jumped into the car for the hospital (Sunday), I sat her in a soaking tub of Sea Salt - like half the container of it. After 20 minutes there was an incredibly noticable difference!! The red and the whelps had both gone down. I ran to the store and bought 5 containers of sea salt and had her sit in it twice a day. I had to go out of town shortly thereafter for a week. During this time she let the salt soaks lax and was not interested at all in showing her father the problem (LOL), When I got home the lesions were on BOTH of her upper legs!! Back to the store for more salt. I've had her sit in it three times a day. It's been three days and they are almost completely GONE!! It's unbelievable!!

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