Sea Salt Benefits


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Posted by Hawaiian_nut (Honolulu, Hi, Usa) on 01/15/2012
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I had a small outbreak of ringworm after working at a feral cat sanctuary after only 1 day, needless to say that the fungus is highly contagious.. Anyhow, the woman at the sanctuary told me she was applying coconut oil to the cats to treat the ringworm.

When I had it, I started to apply the coconut oil. Next day, it got bigger. Tried it again, and again it got bigger. My sister recommended putting iodine, it didn't make it go away, but also didn't make it get bigger. I started thinking to myself.. ok, fungi like moisture, no wonder the oil is making it spread, the iodine doesn't quite dry it out, so what dries things out...salt!

I took a bottle cap that was roughly the same size as the ringworm, filled it with salt, and put just enough warm water to melt it into a pasty liquid form, I then stuck the whole lid onto the ringworm and let the salt paste soak into it for 5-10 minues (can tape it on so it doesnt move). Then I took it off, let it dry, and reapplied it later, few times a day. The fungus dried up in 2-3 days and was completely gone, though the new skin needed a week or so to heal the pigmentation.

Posted by Robert (North Port, Fl) on 01/09/2012
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Good results, here, too, in FL. Lawn work will usually get "ringworm" on your feet or legs.

Pick an area where it's salt water, not brackish, on the flats in the Intercoastal waterway or a bay that doesn't get much run-off. Protect your feet (from oysters / shells), explore the coast and/or find a deeper spot to swim or soak in (away from boat traffic). Probably the more stuff that gets stirred up the better. It may be ewwy gooey, but it works.

I've had the sea fix it in 3 hours, consistently. The other alternatives are the over-the-counter remedies that take 6 weeks (and often fail), or the doctor prescribed systemics (2 weeks), had that fail too.

Stay OUT of low salt brackish areas, especially in the rainy season. Run-off gets in there, and it's not the sea you're swimming with, anymore.

Take care, and good luck.

Posted by Roxanne (Tallahassee, Florida) on 08/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a ringworm for awhile now and I ha1e tried a cream, doctor recommended, and it didn't work. I had read before from another site about using sea salt. So I tried it. I bandaged the salt onto the ailment and left it so for about an hour and a half and already there is some results. This remedy does burn, but if you can withstand it for as long as possible, you will be rewarded.