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Posted by Troy (Hawaii) on 12/07/2006
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I just got out of bed from an overdose of sea salt! I am home today from work with a bad head cold, I found this website and desperate to feel better I drank two Tablespoons instead of two Teaspoons of sea salt. I mixed it in about 6 0z. of water so I could jug it quickly. Immediately I started to feel sick to my stomach so I laid down. I vomited and as the salt hit my intestines I got diarrhea that cleaned me out completely. I then fell asleep for two hours. I just got out of bed and am recovering from the overdose, however my nose did clear up. I still feel like I have a head cold and I am extremely thirsty with a headache. I think I'll go to plan B, just tough it out. I guess the moral is to read instructions carefully... especially when you are sick.