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Posted by Teriinttown (Tacoma, Wa, Usa) on 02/06/2012
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Salt has been a terribly maligned nutrient for many years. As a result, many people are on no salt diets and it is dangerous. Avoiding salt completely eventually throws the electrolytes out of balance.

My parents live at a senior community that has no salt meals. My mother was admitted to the hospital in arrest. She had "almost no detectible sodium" that caused horrible swelling because of excess potassium. This symptom is always assumed to be caused by excess sodium!

The key is that we need a balance of minerals, and that is the beauty of sea salt. My parents now carry the Redmond shaker to their meals.

Posted by Debra (Arlington, Usa) on 01/26/2012
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I occasionally take sea salt as a "broth-like" drink. I mix 1/2 tsp light grey celtic sea salt (use unrefined salt) with spring water. Heat water (don't boil) on stove and add salt and about 1/2 cup of spring water then drink - you can use coffee cup size cup. Nice before bedtime.

Posted by Joylie (Solana Beach, Ca) on 08/18/2011
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Magnesium is very important for solving constipation problems. Some people take 400 to 600 mgs. I don't always take that much, but I do make sure I have plenty of magnesium. I also squirt a little magnesium oil on me.

Posted by Sally (Austin, Texas) on 07/18/2009
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Sea Salt baths have almost cured my eczema in a matter of weeks. Get a good one that has minerals and put about 3/4 cup into the tub. I've also started taking iodine tablets.

Posted by Barbara (Napanee, Ontario, Canada) on 01/24/2009
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Lately, having seen microscopic pictures of table salt, sea salt, and himalayan sea salt, I've opted for himalayan sea salt's live crystals, called sole (so-lay) when dissolved in spring water. I'm impressed with my increased vitality since I've been bathing in it (see for benefits including magnesium chloride absorption). I bet it has great antibiotic properties.

Being a yoga teacher I am also advising of the benefits of neti, using himalayan sole, in which you inhale it through one nostril and exhale it through the other. I do notice increased benefit over regular sea salt, again increased vitality and calmness, a sense of well-being. I guess that steam inhalation would have even more benefits for bronchitis or asthma. Another benefit I enjoy is less stress from time spent on the computer when I burn a beeswax candle in a himalayan sea salt container, supposedly removing negative ions and electro-magnetic damage. I plan on buying a few lamps in different colors for their color therapy.

Posted by Ron (Modesto, CA USA) on 11/02/2008
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I just completed the 10-day Master Cleanse after suffering from arthritis and chronic constipation for the past several months. By day 3 of the cleanse the 2 teaspoons of Sea Salt in 32 oz of Fluoride free water every morning (on an empty stomach) really made a difference. My constipation cleared up, and the arthritis in my lower back, hip, and knees really improved. After reading the posts from all of you I am going to try drinking a 16.4 oz of spring water with 1 teaspoon Sea Salt, and two Tablespoons ACV in it, and see how that works. Ron

Posted by Chloe (Boston, MA) on 08/26/2008
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Here's a great explanation of the Salt Water Cleanse:
Very simple and inexpensive!

Posted by Teresa (Kenedy, Texas) on 08/24/2008
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The Water Cure Recipe:

Drink 1/2 your body weight of water in ounces, daily. Example 180 lb = 90 oz. of water daily. Divide that into 8 or 10 oz. glasses and that's how many glasses you will need to drink, daily. Use 1/4 tsp. of salt for every quart of water you drink. Use salt liberally with food. As long as you drink the water, you can use the salt. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. These are diuretics and will dehydrate you. Every 6 oz. of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz. of water to re-hydrate you.

Posted by CB (California) on 08/23/2008
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Hi, Cindy. Thank you very much for this information.Can you please tell me how much sea salt you add to your water and how many times you would drink this each day? Also, how would you factor in the sodium that a typical person eats on a day to day basis? Granted that the source is probably mostly iodized salt... but how often would you drink the water/sea salt? Thank you in advance.


Posted by Cindy (Wichita, Kansas) on 08/18/2008
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Water cannot do its thing without salt. Salt is number 3 on the list of things you can't live without. 1 and 2 are air and water. I suspect that if you do not take salt (preferably unprocessed sea salt) the body will break down the calcium in the bones to get at the salts they contain. I've done a lot of research on dehydration but have not seen this correlation anywhere. It is merely my suspicion due to the relationship between chronic dehydration combined with low salt intake teachings and the epidemic of osteoporosis. It is suspected that over 75% of people in the US are chronically dehydrated which means that 75% of the human bodies in the US are operating in emergency, water rationing mode. Sipping doesn't count and neither do other liquids. The body does not process other liquids the same way it processes plain water on an empty stomach. Water is used by every system in the body. Including the process it must go through to steal water from the colon. My personal rule of thumb is that any liquid that is not plain water belongs to the colon.

Posted by Andreina (Roma, Italy) on 12/27/2007
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In the morning, I mix 1Tbl ACV with a pint of water, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I put it in a bottle and drink it throughout the day. I repeat the prosedure in the afternooon, so I drink 2 pints a day. It cures everything (my acne, sore throat, stomach ache, dry skin, sore joints...etc) I've been doing this for 3 months, and have dropped 7.5 kilograms! I <3 water! Be sure to mix it with salt and vinegar, so you don't lose vital nutrients, and sodium!