Grapefruit Seed Extract: Amazing Health Benefits


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Posted by Dean (Tulsa, OK) on 11/05/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I discovered this site a few days ago. I have been impressed. Yesterday I awoke with dark rings around my eyes, fever and sore muscles. The flu was coming on STRONG. I started a new job today too. I went straight to your site and read the grapefruit seed extract cure. They should change the name to bitter fruit, but it has worked. It's awful but within an hour I felt 80% better. By evening I felt 98% better. I can tell it is still there, in hiding, so I will do it 2-3 days like it is suggested. It now feels like that day after your sick which is great because I was really going to be sick. I could tell. Jobs great too. Thanks!

Posted by Genevieve (Bellingham, WA)
5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely hate being sick and getting the flu, like I'm sure everyone does. But, I have found something that really helps. GSE, Grapefruit Seed Extract which can be bought at supplement and health stores, really helps boost my immune system. I drop 13 drops in a small glass of orange juice three to four times a day when I start feeling and sick and by the next morning I feel 100% better.