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Posted by Dee (Porter, Tx, Usa) on 12/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

For the past month, I have been taking a supplement that contains L-Theanine in addition to 3 other natural ingredients. I had not heard of L-Theanine prior to taking this supplement. Before starting it, my stomach was always in knots and I had no energy or focus. This was all due to external stress factors that were beyond my control. I feel like I have done a complete 180. The stress factors are still present and my emotions are my own, but I respond to them more rationally. I also have more motivation to complete daily tasks. During the past month, I have experienced PMS, but the irritability was very mild compared to previous months. I don't know the exact dosage of the L-Theanine specifically. Two capsules contain 350 mg of the 4-ingredient formula. I take two capsules after breakfast daily.

Posted by Jackie (Grand Rapids, Minn) on 06/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

we, my cousin and i, take care of our parents at home, my mother is 101 and aunt is 103. aunt has short term memory loss and mild dementia, gets angry and anxious. but does not do well on any prescription antianxiety meds or antidepressants. suntheanine or l-theanine is wonderful for her. she takes 100mg morning and evening. keeps her calm or at least calmer without risking falls and we have more peace in the house. it has a mild taste so is easily disguised in her food or on toast. she had a bad reaction to zoloft in the past, sleeping all the time, had dehydration and a bad fall and got overly stimulated with the exelon patch. this is a wonderful supplement