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Posted by Colleen (Denver, Co) on 10/17/2012

For Ted - question about Q-link and other products that reduce/diminish the emf - since our bodies do require a small certain amount of electric to run on (very small) do these products stop our own necessary body electric from working for us? what are your views on this subject? thanks.

Replied by Colleen
Denver, Co

apartment living -hey ted - which floor of an apartment building has less emf's - bottom, middle, or top?

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Colleen, I notice that Ted has not responded but, I thought I should give you a link to hear from the founder who created the Q-link. I have been wearing one for about 13 years now and I use other EMF protection products as well. I have heard several drs. speak on the subject of EMFs and the negative effects they are having on everyone. At the Longevity Now conference I went to last year, it was interesting because they had about 5 drs. on a panel and the question posed to all of them to answer was, in their particular field of expertise, what had they seen a rise in over the course of about the last 7 years? Each one of them spoke about various negative changes and each said they attributed them to the amount of EMFs we were being bombarded by in a very big way. What I have understood from my own studying is, protecting ourselves and our biofield from the EMFs puts us back in correct resonance to work optimally. In addition to the Q-link I also use Earthing products on my bed and while at the computer doing my work. I have seen with a trifield meter how these products literally drop out the EMFs from various objects like computers, cell phones, even lamps which we don't normally think about.

Anyway, here is the link to an interview with the founder:


I find the subject fascinating. Hope this information helps. Lisa

Posted by Rob (M-gold, Ms/USA) on 10/09/2012

Good day to you. I'm very concerned about my health. For over 8 years now, I've been suffering with RA and other imbalances in my body that I don't think should be (RA isn't in my families history at all)! First of all, I'm not some problematic person with zero ambition. I just got in trouble (for the first time) by affiliating myself with the wrong people and I've learned my lessons. My argument is this: I truly believe that the bracelet I had to wear for 5 long years has had a very negative effect on my body and as a result distorted my immune system causing me to develope RA. Those Electro Magnetic pulses surging through one's body has to have a negative effect on the body after having to endure it for "5" Years! I know there should be viable studies on this particular. I've had to endure such injustices over the years and this is just another one. Please inform me, validate my claim(s), and contact me... Thanks a lot everyone. Live Optimistically!

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal  

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Posted by Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 09/27/2012
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I believe that extra large Himalayan Crystals serve to ground EMFs, though it may take a few around the house, and be a bit costly. I'm not so sure how eco-friendly this practice is, but it seems to be done with great respect. --T.

How to Test Microwave For EMF Leakage  

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/27/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, we went for IV's today. I did a ALA for my legs and my Tractor Driver got a Vit C IV... jus 'cause. We met an ole acquaintance who was back trying to take care of Lyme's as she had been bitten again by a tick and the tell tale bullseye showed up. We talked about how she had to sell one home in Knoxville because towers nearby had put so much Dirty Electricity in her home that she stayed sick constantly.

I then told her that several years ago I had bought a meter to detect stray EMF's and found that our microwave maxed the meter out. She then related that we have a bad seal on our microwave door. To check that she said to put a cell phone in the microwave, call it and if it rings then we have a bad seal. I said it's almost new. That is not the issue. New ones can leak enough to give you breast cancer as happened to a friend of hers.

We did the test on ours and the cell phone rang. We tried it again and this time I made sure the door was tight and the phone did not ring. Guess it appears if you half ass close the door or not. Our government loves to mettle, this may be a good place to start. Check microwaves for leakage in the production line. If they leak, shut um down ....... "and I mean it this time". Hope you will test your microwave. Life is just a bowel of cherries.


Oolitic Limestone  

Posted by Richard (Miami, Florida, Usa) on 08/11/2012

I developed EMF sensitivity about fourteen years ago. I moved into a top-floor apartment in Miami Beach, and my downstairs neighbor was a ham radio operator. He had his radio antenna on the roof of the building, about eight feet away from my head as I sat at my desk. I was a college student back then, and I sat at that desk all evening long. And my neighbor talked on his radio all evening long, five or six nights a week. For nearly three months, I hardly slept. My head would not shut down and let me sleep at night. I thought I was going insane. At that time, I knew nothing about the effects of radio frequency on the human brain. After about three months, I did learn what was causing the problem, and the landlord made my neighbor move his antenna. But the damage was already done. I had become highly sensitized, not only to radio frequency, but to EMF as well.

Over the years I have tried many, many different devices and techniques for dealing with this problem. Most of the man-made devices were too strong for me. I do still use one of those devices, which I can tolerate, but it only provides me with limited protection (I may not mention the brand name). Of the natural/mineral products I have tried, black tourmaline does seem to help quite a bit, but I can only use it for a few hours at a time. The only really satisfactory solution I found is to remove oneself totally from the man-made energy environment (not a practical solution for most of us, except for short periods). At my last home, I used to sleep out back, one hundred feet away from the building and all sources of EMF. I placed a screen of RF shielding cloth over and around my sleeping cot. And that worked great! I slept like I hadn't done since I was a child.

Recently, due to circumstances totally beyond my control, I lost my home and I was obliged to move into an apartment where the electical and the electro-magnetic readings are truly frightening. The magnetic field here is about ten milligauss, while the elecric field fluctuates between one thousand and fifteen hundred millivolts! Anybody who knows what those numbers mean will think me crazy for being here. Believe me, I had no choice.

The black tourmaline and my man-made protective device are hopelessly inadequate in such a strong field. I couldn't sleep at all, I started suffering from constant tinnitus, and my head was in an appalling mess. I was in serious trouble.

In desperation, I tried an idea that had come to me recently (though I hesitate to explain just how that idea came to me). I went to a park near my place of work in Miami--Alice Wainright Park--and I picked up two palm-sized pieces of oolitic limestone. It turns out that most of eastern Florida consists of oolitic limestone, and there are places where one can find it on the surface. I have kept these pieces of oolitic limestone in my pockets ever since, and I sleep with them beside me at night. I keep them in sandwich bags because this rock is soft and crumbly, and it makes a mess. And the effects have been quite remarkable. I sleep soundly, with none of the awful dreams that I usually experience when sleeping in an EMF environment, and I wake up with my head in good shape.

During the daytime, I receive the same protection. Again, due to force of circumstances, I was recently obliged to start doing a telephone sales job in Miami, and by five o'clock each day by brain was in an awfully strained and exhausted state. But I needed that job in order to survive, in spite of the damage it was doing me. The day I started carrying the oolitic limestone in my pockets, the problems disappeared. I came out of work at five o'clock with my head as fresh as it had been at nine in the morning.

I realize that I must still move out of this apartment as soon as possible because the extreme electrical and electro-magnetic fields in here may well be killing off brain cells and doing damage to my DNA. But at least the oolitic limestone is protecting my conscious brain state so that I am fully functional for the time being, and I can sleep soundly as well.

I did have two setbacks in using this oolitic limestone. The first came with the start of the Olympic games in London. I do not own a television, and I do not normally watch television. When the Olympics started, my new landlady lent me a very small flat-screen television so I could watch the games. This television is so small, one has to sit within a couple of feet of it to see anything. I wouldn't normally dream of getting so close to such a device, but I thought the oolitic limestone would protect me. It did not, and I had an awful, sleepless night as a result. So, no more television for me. Whether I would have had a similar result from watching a normal sized television at a normal viewing distance, I do not know. And I do not intend to experiment.

Secondly, I did buy a large, one hundred-pound block of oolitic limestone from a local stone mason. It occurred to me that I might get even better results from having a lot of this rock all around my apartment. But having that much of the rock close by caused me to have a very strange and very unpleasant night--though the effects were quite different from those produced by EMF. The next night I put that big block out of the apartment. However, I did break of a ten-pound chunk, which I kept by my bed (in addition to the two one-pound pieces that I have on my bed). But even this proved too much, and I had another really bad night.

The rock must be creating some field effect of its own that does not agree with me--except in small quantities. I am still experimenting to find the optimum amount to use and the best methods of using it. I have found that having that ten-pound piece of the rock seven feet away from my bed does work well and gives me an even better night's sleep than the two one-pound pieces alone.

So, if anybody else is interested in trying oolitic limestone, be warned: Start out using very small quantities. And there may be things, such as television, that will cancel out any benefits.

How does it work? I do not know. Maybe the crystalline structure somehow modulates the environmental man-made energy field. I am not a scientist.

There are different varieties of oolitic limestone. I am using the pure, white variety, which consists of nothing but oolites. There are varieties that include quantities of sand or clay. These tend to be red, yellow or orange in color. I have no experience with these varieties. To verify that you do have oolitic limestone, break off a corner and look at a bit of clean, unweathered rock surface through a magnifying glass. The ooliites will stand out clearly.

You will not find this rock in a rock shop. But you may find it in a yard carrying rock and gravel for garden, ornamental and construction purposes. And if it is not available in other parts of the country, try contacting a rock yard in south Florida. They may ship it to you, for a price. You don't need very much, and the rock itself is very cheap.

I should be interested to hear if others benefit from this stuff as I have done. And I would like to hear if others find better ways of using it than I have. This rock hasn't cured me, of course. But it is helping to deal with the situation as nothing else has helped me before. And that is huge.

Replied by Lonis
Jacksonville, Nc

Hi, I also went through a period when I had to sleep far away from the house, outside, under the stars, to protect myself from WHATEVER was causing the severe headaches, sore-throat...

Now I believe they were EMFs, but a very deadly sort. I'd like an update to know how you're doing & what else you've learned that helps you. GreenLLLLatYAH ooDOTco m. Please let me know.

Personally, I've spent all sorts of money & tried all sorts of remedies. Right now, I'm sitting next to 2 pyramids, a rock-salt lamp, a chi-generator, a prayer-book, under an emergency-blanket canopy w/ a loud fan blowing on it. I've found one trick that has worked for me, & I cannot explain why.

Get a radio. Set it to amplitude modulate. Set it to a white-noise hiss. When I hear an unexplainable signal, indicating some untracable source of EMFs, I listen to loud white noise, to stop it. My vacuum cleaner has worked every time, so far. I cannot wear earplugs. I have to hear this noise, loud, w/ both ears, until the signal goes away. I also use recorded sounds of waterfalls on youtube, but it has to be played very loud. About 15 minutes of this sound forces the signal to go away.

This keeps the headaches, prostate swelling, sore-throat, puffy swollen gums away.

Replied by Lori
Portland, OR

Hi! I have severe problems with EMF. Where do I get / buy Oolitic Limestone?

Replied by Carla
Northeast Rural Oh

I am sensitive to some energy fields, like x-ray and ultrasound, sensing them as heat that prickles and flows like water. I am recently experimenting with orgone, per the work of Dr. William Reich. His works in German were republished in English (in the 90s?) so the US Govt. failed to extinguish his genius by burning his books here, after he died in their custody. (see a documentary such as on Youtube).

Orgonite is able to modify the chaotic EMF into healthy, calm energy. It CANNOT transmute 'all negative energy' into positive - Reich never claimed this - the New Agey mystical folks, and the naiive, say this to sell their products...maybe they believe their claims, I can't say. Bit they are unequivocally wrong, per the designer, and per the research of Nikola Tesla on electricity/magnets... choose whom to trust.

Anyway, there is *a lot* of 'orgonite' for sale on Amazon, Etsy, private sites, metaphysical sites. MOST is useless. Yes, useless. you cannot make 'pretty' and effective orgonite devices, so nevermind the pyramids, pendants, domes, and sculptural animal-shaped ones. DO try what is called 'black sun orgonite'. It is made with carbon, often with iron or steel filings (small particles) and resin, which may be bondo, fiberglass, plastic, or other castable craft resin. Most include crystal pieces.

Some include a copper wire coil - this isn't required. It better be curving clockwise, outer pointy end aimed at your right-hand side, or the harmful cation charge can deplete your own energy! ALL orgon devices have collector fields at the base. Do not be scared. Just keep that at floor/ground level - not at your head. The helpful, anion stream issues from the top of the device: tachyon/chi/scalar wave ...call the energy what you want.

These devices, properly made, are about 50% metal, 50% carbon-content (charcoal works) with a crystal as the emitter (as I understand it). A copper coil on this crystal is often used, and again, as per old amplifier radio coils, MUST have the upward spiralling, right-handed turn. They look like "glorified hockey pucks" :-). Heavy for the size. Often cast using common muffin cups.

As I write this, the best price I got (and bought) was 8 pucks aka "Tower Busters" for $30 USD, incl postage.

If you watch a documentary called "The Pyramid Code" you'll learn about subtle energy as well as the possible real application of the many, very large, finely crafted, pyramids along the OLD channel of the Nile River. Think: sonics, water powered electro-magnetism, concentrated anion and cation charges, and maybe microwave emissions as well as 'common' electrical power. WOWEE.

There is at least one website selling devices, kits, and plans for personal use as well as insustrial research applications...I suppose I can't name them. BUT, hint: look for 'plasma sabers', and 'tesla coils', and 'personal scalar field generator'. They DO sell personal EMF field devices, which may be helpful for some...haven't tried. Yet. Muy pesos, to me. (not employed atm) I thought they were quite reasonable for the quality.

There is an older fella skilled in electrical stuff, who has his orgonite experiments on Youtube. Sigh. I won't name him. Hint: look for an older fella in the UK, working with *CEMENTITE* not resin ...he makes his devices with 50-50 Portland cement/sand, and untreated BBQ charcoal :-D.

NO mumbo-jumbo FLAKINESS.

These 'power pucks' are my own experiment as follows : one buried a few scant inches in the earth at the 4 corners of my mobile home. Smaller side facing up. I have 3 main, underground, utility lines within 15ft of the rear of my home: data, phone, electric. A creek runs within 3-20ft of them (exposed on the bank at one point! ) so the ground stays moist. Worse, the wifi detector I have shows heavy use in the community, so I am overlapped by around a dozen 'in range' at all times.

Within 2 days, I noted a clearer mind - less brain-fog. Much increased mental and physical energy. Less angry, depressed mood...'improved affect' as we say in clinical counseling. The cats are energetic, like before thunderstorms - you know, romping, getting the kitty-crazies, and demanding attention. I suspect this is the increase of beneficial EM particles, like when we get electrical storms. Now, 10 days later, these effects have maintained.

There are some EMF modulators that look like hologram stickers - these may help you out in public, and working on PC/phone. Usually they are around $15-30 for 2.

IDK about the ones claiming benefit from radioactive minerals in them...steered clear. Couldn't find good support, just high prices. The gist is these come from mildly radioactive volcanic rock from Japan...but that may not be right either. It seemed sketchy.


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Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/05/2011

I just cannot go into the library with my nose stuffed with tissue and 2 face masks on anymore. Apart from all the sniggers and being called a terrorist people's deodorants kill me. I suffered through more deodorant to get an old desk top set up for me. It is outside on a balcony, glass sliding door between me and it but my nerves still get fried through the keyboard and mouse. Anybody have any ideas?? Does anybody have any solutions for those that truly suffer from exposure to chemicals and fragrances? This world is too harsh for me.

Replied by Dave
Johannesburg, Guateng South Africa
1 out of 5 stars


Hi, Allergy to deodorants and aerosols is related to solvent intolerance which is a poison (not allergy) for all sentient beings (no offense to any panel beaters out there but you should see what spray paint does to your eyes). You get people who are much more sensitive to solvents (like myself) and these people could be said to be allergic types.

If you don't take precaution solvents are bad for anyone. Many tradesmen are forced to work with them and have become somewhat desensitized out of necessity (the long term exposure effects perhaps very few escape anyway).

There's enough recorded evidence now to turn the tables on anyone who mocks you for taking sensible precautions against solvents.

The types who think they are not sensitive to these organic chemicals are also those capable of drinking chemical spiked cheap beers (very available here in South Africa) without noticing that they do out of control things a lot.

Many sensible companies are taking solvents out of their products (for eg water based paints, roll-on deodorants and 100% natural perfumes) while certain (alcoholic) beverage makers are putting them into their product (where is law in S. Africa).

How do you react to alcohol by the way...?


Replied by Green Zzzz

About the OOlitic limestone, I've tried it and it doesn't work. The HHG's and organite offer very little protection, if any. Pyramids don't work either. Cabon filtration is required for solvents. Carbon is your best friend with filtering out poisons. I've tried the energy devices too. They don't work long. These are not real solutions. There are no real solutions listed here on this site for EMFs. Avoidance is the only solution, as with any poison, but not always possible. Arginine helps, daily dosing. Polarized glasses, prayer, ask God for protection, getting away from everything, if possible, not likely. Boats are not a solution.