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Gluten Free Diet  

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Posted by Anonymous (South Pasadena, California) on 04/08/2009
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Hi Everyone: I am was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia six years ago. At the time I believed the conspiracy theories out there that the meds for schizophrenia caused your brain to atrophy. Now, I know that studies have proven the opposite, that antipsychotics are essential to preventing or curbing the brain atrophy associated with schizophrenia as it is a degenerative brain disorder. Anyway, at the time, I tried high doses of Niacin and b-complex and magnesium, all to no avail. The only thing which took away the voices was antipsychotics. Unfortunately, they didn't take away all of the voices. As time went on, I realized that gluten made my fibromyalgia symptoms flair something terrible so I stopped eating all gluten. Around that time, the residual voices my meds weren't taking care of went away. So, now... after reading about gluten on this site I wonder if the gluten free diet helped with my voices.

BTW: I also eat large quantities of soy and estrogen has been proven to help women sz's. As I'm sure many of you know, soy is estrogenic. Now, I only hear one or two words every six months to a year and they are not nerve wracking like before. I am so grateful. Unfortunately, I get very fatigued between the sz meds and pain of fibro. Luckily, I discovered by accident really that taking 2,000 mg of B-12 and 2,000 mg of Inositol a day along with 600 mg of B-6 helps the fatigue to the point where I nap for about half of the time to no time on a good day. I will also say that for women taking antipsychotics you may find that you are producing a little breast milk. B-6 helps with this a little if you take 300-600 mg a day. Talk to a doctor first though as high doses of B-6 are linked to possible neuropothy. I will also say that if you have akathisia from the meds, (a movement disorder which causes you too pace and shake feet and fidget)... Stopping all caffeine took that away for me. Thank G-d for the meds and thank G-d for having discovered these few things which help with some of the side effects. Also, I started taking Armour a natural thyroid medication to deal with weight gain associated with the meds. I'm not necessarily advocating this though because it can lead to osteoporosis eventually if you get into the hyperthyroid range.

Hope this helps someone.

Sincerely, Anonymous

Posted by Jodi (Tampa, Florda) on 01/17/2009
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Schizophrenia and celiac disease: I just listened to Nutrition & Behavior: A Lecture By Russell Blaylock, MD (you can buy it on his website

He cited a study of schizophrenics who had gluten and gliadin removed from their diet and were 100% recovered. When the gluten and gliadin were reintroduced to their diet they became schizophrenic and had to be hospitalized again.

Posted by Danielle (Bratt, Vermont) on 04/16/2008
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I myself have schizoaffective a type of schizophrenia and I am gluten free. no sugar flour and wheat. when I went back to those foods I was sick very quicly. the diet works well for me. I tend to become overweight also adn decompensate quickly under stress and with the wrong foods. without b-complex vitamins I am also in a bad spot. I try to keep up with everything. I take a b complex, fish oil, green juice and a multi. without the supps I am pretty bad off. I have hallucinations and things like that. delusions. I become very psychotic. I may add that I also need antipsychotic and mood stabilizing meds. currently I do not require an antipsychotic med. I take that where necessary.

Posted by Mary (Nevada City, CA) on 03/06/2006
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This helped a young man I know of. There is research coming out on this. Many or most schizophrenics are also celiac - but they don't know it. I also have another friend who's brother was homeless in NY and later committed suicide. The family was able to stay in touch with him somewhat (a caring family) - Somehow they learned (possibly from medical records after his death, I don't know) - that he was also celiac. I am sure he did not follow the gluten free diet. It would be nearly impossible as a homeless person. A very reliable web site on the latest research is (please don't edit out the web site! It is similar to this site - it is there to help people!)

Not all celiacs are schizophrenic - in fact only very few are - but the reverse case is that all or nearly all schizophrenics may be celiac. This can cause severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies because the small intestine is damaged - so in the schizophrenic cases it must be the areas of the intestine that would take in nutrients for the brain