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Posted by Suzy (Eugene, Or) on 08/08/2017
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I have a wart on my knee that I have been filing down and covering with a banana peel and duct tape every night for week. I have not noticed any serious change... it bleeds when I file it down... just looks red and irritated when I remove the peel and tape. Nothing is turning black.

This is the 3rd wart I have had in my lifetime oddly all have been on my right side and each one appeared years apart... my first at age 10.. the second at age 33.. and this one at 52. The first 2 I had frozen off with liquid nitro... but my insurance is not great these days, so I am trying a more economical approach.

Posted by John (Copenhagen, Denmark) on 02/07/2014
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Thanks Nanowriter from Hotspot. I do get that the wort is only the tip of the iceberg, hence the thicker skin where the wort is located. Unfortunately the banana peepl scarings slid down and colleted in an area where there are no worts whatsoever. My guess is that acid from the scrapings burnt into my skin, creating the depression in that area. The depression is the size of a small fingernail and is only where the scrapings were left. A lot of people seem to have benefited from the banana peel treatment. I would like to give the WARNING to be very careful if banana peel scrapings are applied and not just the banana peel. It is my experience that they can burn into the skin. One possible explanation that I can come up with is that I scraped too hard on the banana peel so that too much acid juice from the banana peel itself might have made its way into the scrapings that I applied on my skin. I haven't given up hope that the skin will grow back in the area, partly or completely and I will post at a later date about this to make sure others can take their precautions. In the mean time I will treat the area with virgin coconut oil and up my vitamin C intake, as you suggest.

Thanks Mike62 for your reply. I seriously can't see how I could be allergic to bananas as I have been eating them all my life and don't have any other allergies whatsoever. I'm pretty sure it was an organic banana but can't be completely sure of this. I am very sure, however, that the part of the skin, where the banana peel scrapings ended up accidentally, did not have any problems before what I presume is an acid burn cause by banana peel scrapings.

Posted by Thorn01 (Gladewater, Texas) on 08/11/2011
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Hi I just started using the banana peel cuz I tried freezing off my wart but it just made it bigger. Does it really work?

Posted by Natalia (Shoreline, Wa, Usa) on 07/22/2011
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To my big frustration the banana peel miracle did not work for the warts on my foot. I applied religeosly the banana peel once aday and put a medicinal tape around it so there was an air seal for about 2 weeks. I have to admit that the pain from the wart got better. Though there were new warts appearing and I have to decide that it is not working for me. Besides I got skin reaction to the tape and my foot feels sore all over and I can not use the tape anymore.

Is there any particularities with a type of banana you put on the wart? Somebody mentioned green banana. Does it it mean a peel from a regular banana that did not ripe yet or I have to use some sort of banana that always stays green, lake plantane?

Posted by Kane (Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia And Herzegovina) on 04/26/2011
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I tried this for quite some time, with only very marginal results. Then I switched to pharmaceutical salicylic acid, and the wart was gone within a couple of weeks. Note, however, that I'm not so much knocking this method as I am making people aware of another method. Warts are weird, and the success of various treatments seem to wildly differ between different people.