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Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus  

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Posted by Jessea (Bristol, Wi) on 09/02/2009
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I have been suffering with BV since Febuary of this year. There was a long chain of events that caused it, and I've been on the Metronizdale (sp) antibiotic probably 5 or 6 times! And just like the storied I've read here, it would always come back within a couple weeks, sometimes worse than the time before! I was so happy when I found this site! I started out with the loading dose of 1600mg of Folic acid and 2 of the 1 billion acidopholis. I also did the H202 douche. I started this yesterday. I took 1200mg of the folic acid and 2 acidopholis last night and also inserted one of the acidpholis pill (not the capsule) into my vagina, and now I'm experiencing yellow discharge, and found much of the grit coming out with I douched this morning. I'm quite alarmed by it. I'm afraid I will get a urinary tract infection. Does anyone know if I can try to continue this remedy without this step? Or should I be using the capsule instead of the pill? Also, how long should it take for you to feel any results? I'm not quite sure if this working for me yet, so I'm going to continue the remedy without inserting acidpholis until I hear back from someone. Does anyone have any advise??

Replied by Mcleila
Vancouver, Bc Canada

Jessea: I got the same reaction each time I inserted probiotics (capsules white powder). Always wondered how it triggered so much debris, and why it was yellow - but it seemed to help each time if I continued with it. Not much help I know - but at least the results are consistent :-)

Replied by Eh
Atlanta, GA

Use Grapefruit Seed Extract instead. Take 10 drops (put in an empty capsule) or 8-10 drops in 16 oz. water (will be bitter -- that's why I use the capsules -- buy them in a health food store) 3x daily (space them out). Also douche with the GSE (5-6 drops in a douche bag) 2x daily. It will get rid of it -- but do NOT stop when you think it's gone. Continue a maintenance dose of 1-2x daily (orally) for several months to make sure. Also -- very important -- take a pro-biotic like Acidolphis (or I take a probiotic that has 3 different types in it -- more expensive, but MUCH better than the simple Acidolphis alone) Get one that is refrigerated, so that the bacteria are still very alive. You can take it along with the GSE -- just space it 2 hrs. after (and before) the GSE so the GSE will not kill the good bacteria) I have had this problem several times and, believe it, it works! I know it seems complicated -- but it's worth it! Good luck!

Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

I've only had BV once in my life, thank God, but I cured myself of it by douching with Colloidal Silver. Luckily, I had access to a Colloidal Silver generator, so I douched with a quart of 10ppm solution 2 times per day (morning and before bed) for 1 week. After the week of douching, I inserted probiotic caps morning and evening for 1 week to re-establish the proper vaginal flora.

Posted by looking4hope (Nashville, TN) on 07/19/2009
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Folic Acid, acidophilus, hydrogen peroxide used to control BV

I am 37 and have been suffering with chronic BV infections since June of 2007. Unbeknownst to me at the time my husband was having an affair with a women that I later have found out was messing around with a few other men as well. ( Yeah I know noce right?) I was back and forth to the doctor with one RX after another.. it would clean up for about a week maybe two.. then back again.. nothing worked. I have spent many hours searching the internet for an answer and was relieved that I am not alone in my suffering. I was beginning to think it was all me. I even changed doctors, my new doctor is a woman, she has worked with me on trying to find something that will work for me. She has been wonderful in being able to call in meds for me so that I did not have to be seen for what I already knew I had. My husband was busted out a few months after this all started, and we have worked hard to get past that... he says he is not messing around with anyone ever again.. ( yeah okay... I am suppose to believe that?) I had started putting a few things together even keeping a food journal as my doctor suggested. I am a type 2 diabetic but I do not take meds for that as of yet. I noticed that when my urine smells like Sweetened Puffed Wheat Cereal I can bet for certain that BV is about to creep in.. and sure enough... the dischange, the smell and the sore tender insides. So, it was suggested that I cut out certain things in my diet that made my sugar get all outta whack. Sodas, milk chocolate, caffein, sugar in general, alcohol... so I did that. and it does help at times.. it seems like I get a mild case of BV . Then one day.. POW... it just started coming back... and I was pulling my hair out... nothing was working that I had been doing.... so after coming across this site I set out on a mission... I went to the drug store and purchased ditilled water and hydrogen peroxide and a pack of vinegar water douches, one bottle of 400mcg folic acid tablets, and acidophillus____ that contain 1 billion CFU ___.

I emptied the vinegar water douche solution and added hydrogen peroxide and distiled water 1:1 used that first, then took two of the folic acid tablets and one of the acidopholus later that night before bed I took another folic acid tablet and another acidopholus. By morning I felt wonderful, no smell, no discharge, no bloated feeling, no tender feeling.. Ah Hah... I was on to something... so that morning I took two more folic acid tablets and one acidopholus ____... no douche this day.. was going to ride it out and see what happened. I have been doing this daily for going on 3 months now, and just had a couple times that I had to use the douche again up until recently... I have gone back to drinking sodas, and my sugar is outta control and it seems that the BV is harder to control with the methode that I have described here. Keep in mind that it is mild, nothing like before, so I am continuing with the folic acid and the acidopholus pearls. I have cut out the sodas once again.

The things that I noticed that have caused my BV to occur....

1. stress
2. uncontroled blood glucose levels
3. sex with my husband can sometimes trigger a lot of that depends on his diet as well.
4. weight... I have put on 30 of the 50 pounds that I had lost last year.

control of stress, and blood sugar, along with weight loss help out a lot to keep BV in check, the pills mentioned above do the rest of the job.

I am going back to my gyn next month for a folow up exam for an abnormal pap, and copolscopy, where it was also determined that I had HPV. ( and not the one that causes warts, I have the kind that is known to turn into cancer.)

I will report back with what my gyno tells me at that visit. And will see what she has to say about what I have been using to control my BV.

Please continue to see your gyno regularly for preventative messures, and continue to network and take charge of your own bodies to control BV and other nastiness in your lives. Natural medicine is a good thing.... thank you to all those that were brave enough to give it a try so that the rest of us could be made aware of your success, and incorporate it into our own plan of treatment. Not everything works for everybody, but do your research on whatever it is that you are going to try. Pay particular attention to the other good things that Folic acid can do for you... more than you know... it shocked me... and has done more for me than just help control my BV

Replied by Darnet
Binghamton, Ny, USA

Thank you for describing your situation. I too am in my 30's and have cronic BV. I am new to this site and think that I will try some of the home remedies, but have a few clarifying questions:

I would like to know - what are the pills that individuals are inserting and taking orally? I have seen things life Folic Acid? I have never taken even one vitamin, but am assuming I can find this in the vitamin isle? Is this the fill that is taken both orally and inserted, or am I missing something?

I have been told by my OBGYN that I am missing acid - why wouldn't vinager and water douche work? I thought that vinigar was an acid? I will try the peroxide.

I am getting these things probably once every three months! It is killing me! I am sexually active, but with only one man - and he definately would not cheat! Do you think that getting older would have some sort of effect? I mean - is my body changing that much???

Just to clarify with the yogurt? You just insert a certain amount? How much and how frequent?


Replied by M
4 out of 5 stars

Update: Been taking a total of 800mg of folic acid and 2 capsules of acidophilus daily for a two months now. Also, I do the peroxide/water douche once per week. It keeps the discharge, discomfort and smell at bay but does not cure it. 2 days after the douche, the discharge is back. If I skip two days of the folic acid/acidophilus, the fishy smell returns. So I will continue to do this daily until my gyno appointment in 2 weeks. I give up.

Replied by Adrienne
Bend, Oregon

Also ladies for those who weren't aware keeping your vagina acidic is key for recovery. Apparently drinking 100% cranberry juice no sugar, sour and tart but delicious, can help your pee become acidic and encourage your vagina to do the same.

And I second the folic acid, lysine, multi Vite, probiotic rounds. Especially the PALEO DIET like recommendation. I think together that is an unstoppable combination. The raw diet I bet would work the best. It is used to treat major illnesses.

I am also exploring one garlic capsul in my vagina, punctured with a fork several times, instead of boric acid. I'm only one night in but I plan to use a probiotic and coconut oil during the day to provide moisture and replenish good bacteria.

I'm still in my experimental phases but I'm trying to avoid the antibiotics.

I also made a apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil spray that I spray onto toilet paper to cleanse with and I spray down in the shower instead of soap or anything.

I hope these small tips help. Definitely read articles..Oh I also came across a study where they used activated charcoal suppositories or activated charcoal tampons... must have been dosed by a professional but definitely worth looking into. I believe it restores the bodies PH balance.

We are all becoming so much more knowledgeable..it hasn't been fun but look at the bright side. We have new found home remedies, intellegence, strength and love for our bodies.

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. I enjoy the encouragement and options!

Posted by Pregnant w/ BV (Chicago, IL) on 07/13/2009

I've been having problems with BV for almost a year now, I got pregnant back in January. I've never had problems with vaginal infections before last year, and I've been with the same man for 4-1/2 yrs. Is it possible he cheated and that's how I got this? I think it is possible, but what can I do without proof or confirmation. I'm nervous because I'm due in about 2 months and I'm still not rid of this nasty infection. All I really have is discharge. I've never had an odor with it, rarely get itchy, but keep testing positive, AAAAA! So after stumbling on to this website I'm hoping at least one of these regimens will work for me especially since I won't be douching, because I don't want any complications, whether I deliver naturally or if I have to have another C-section. if anyone knows of or has tried an alternative to douching, it would be much appreciated. Thanks to all you ladies for sharing your experiences, and giving the rest of us hope and courage to keep trying.

Replied by Tonika
High Point, North Carolina

BV is not an STD and women can get it even when they're not having sex. I've learned that my bouts are linked to when my husband and I have sex. I do not have an odor, but I do have plenty of vaginal irritation which leaves me wanting to crawl into bed and just lay there forever. My doctor prescribed 600mg boric acid capsules that are to be inserted in the vagina. I hate that I wasn't told about these before now. A woman's vagina is normally acidic, but when males ejaculate into our vagina they introduce semen that changes our ph balance to a neutral or more alkaline environment which is not something that our good bacteria (Lactobacillus) likes. When our ph is out of whack, other "bad" bacteria can thrive and leave our good bacteria less effective to fight the bad ones and they cause the smell that some of us experience. Please ask your doctor about boric acid. Boric acid helps to return the vagina to its normal acidic enviornment which is what we need. I have been telling any and everyone who will listen that they have worked wonders for me. Just as a precaution to ensure that my natural balance is okay, I also eat yogurt that contains a probiotic daily and I take a probiotic capsule orally daily that contains lactobacillus acidophilus. Hope this helps you.

Posted by Happy2WearDresses (Brooklyn, NY) on 04/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars


This worked!! I am SOO happy and still in disbelief. I never even wanted to wear a dress or stand near people, or sit down cuz I swore you could smell me a mile away. My mom would say "what is that smell," so I'd go and change into the extra clothes and undwerwear I brought with me. THANKU THANKU THANK U!!!!! So far its been 3 days, and I'm praying it keeps up. THe BEST!

Posted by No More Fishy!! (Ft. Worth, Texas) on 04/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I came across this site after a sneaking suspicion I was dealing with BV again. I'd only had it once before after sex with a new partner years ago, and back then I was prescribed metro and was fine, plus I dumped the guy. No problems for 2 years after. I'm positive I got it from a new sex partner, again, and I dumped him fast. It wasn't to the point where I was smelling like a fish tank before my last period, but there was a distinct sour smell and alot of drainage and after my period was over... Yuck. My new insurance isn't effective yet so here I am.

Here is my own version of the treatment per the other ladies' suggestions:

800mg Folic Acid, twice daily.
A 3% peroxide-soaked tampon inserted every evening for about an hour while lying down.
Acidophillus (the refrigerated kind) - three 135mg tablets at least twice daily.

I've been doing this for a week and it seems to be working. Last night was the first time I didn't sound like a soda pop fizzing "down there" from all that gunk the peroxide soaked tampon was attacking. I took the tampon out and it was CLEAN. No gunk or anything stuck to it. I have some minimal drainage but no smell, and I feel comfortable most of the time. I'm going to ease off of the peroxide for the next few days but keep up the pills.

This website is really awesome - I'm so glad I found it. Y'all need to keep up the re-posting because I need to know if this works long term or if I need to tweak it. I'll definitely re-post if I come up with anything new. I thank God for all of you and for Earth Clinic!!!

Replied by No More Fishy!!
Ft. Worth, TX

Hey ladies, I just wanted to add that I had tons of sex with other guys in between these occurrences with no issues, so I'm CONVINCED the guys I contracted from were "carriers". From what I've read, they can "try" to treat the guy but it usually doesn't work. If you're married and getting it over and over, or suddenly get it and then keep getting it over and over after treatment, I'd look DIRECTLY at your man as the cause. Granted, he may not have done anything more than change soaps. Make sure he's not unwittingly causing your issue, or worse, MAKE SURE he's not messing around!!!! I know this post is long enough already, but here is my proof: One of my boyfriends I was with for about 2 years, no problems. We split up. My next boyfriend, no problems during a 7 month relationship. We break up. I stay celibate for a while. My ex dated around, a couple of years go by and we end up together again. BOOM, there goes the BV. I had it IMMEDIATELY. He got it from someone and guess what, nothing happens to HIM, just to ME. Needless to say, we are now "JUST FRIENDS" and I pray to God my next guy gives me no issues, and he's the last guy. A good man will make sure you stay healthy. I was pissed at my ex at first, but then I thought, dang, this could have been alot worse. We discussed it and he's looking into trying to get some treatment but Dr.s have basically told him "good luck, and that'll be 200.00". This was a wakeup call. Ladies, take a stand and tell your guy he's off limits if you keep having issues. Funny how a man's hearing gets better when he's cut off. Take care of yourself first, you deserve it.

Replied by Sarah

I'm somewhat confused and disturbed by your mention of your partners; are you saying you dumped them because you are under the impression they "gave" you BV, perhaps because they were dirty or infected? If so, you are hugely misinformed about the causes of BV. Sexual contact with a perfectly clean and hygienic man who has never before had a sexual partner can very, very easily cause a bout of BV (as happened to me) because the exchange of fluids caused the normally acidic environment of my vagina to become to alkaline, this reducing my levels of beneficial bacteria and allowing the non-beneficial bacteria to over grow. This change in the vaginal environment is the same reason women who are virgins or who have not been sexually active for years get BV.

Replied by Leisa
Winkler, Mb, Canada

I have a question about the tampon-soaked perxiode, how does it work and when I tried the tampon didnt fit into my vagina, just wondering how to insert and how long to soak the tampon? Thanks

Posted by Bobbi (Louisville, KY) on 03/22/2009

I have been fighting BV for about 2 years off and on, with no success. I am so thankful for this website. I have done the 1/2 h202 1/2 water douche and it seems to be working. I am experiencing dryness during intercourse, and wondered if there is something I could use naturally as lubrication. I'm afraid to do anything to upset the balance right now. Any input would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.

Replied by Kelly
Nashville, TN

Jojoba is a great natural lubricant as it mimics the sebum in skin.

Replied by Jessica
Jefferson, GA

The best lubricant I have found is ______ Extra Virgin COCONUT OIL.Try it and I think you'll be astonished. It is also an excellent skin conditioner just apply as you would any skin cream.

Replied by C.S.M

Try melting coconut oil and pouring about 1/4 inch deep into a silicone (or supported paper cupcake cup)--then refrigerate.

Break this resulting solid coin shape 1/2 or 1/4s. When you're ready to use it, you can insert a few minutes ahead of time...And ENJOY!

Do use care to protect your linens.

Replied by Charlotte
Dallas, TX

Do NOT use coconut oil if you intend to use the usual latex condoms. Oils break down latex. If you are using another form of birth control, or sheepskin condoms, then coconut oil is fine to use. So is olive oil, which may be cheaper.

Posted by Stacie (Wilmington, Delaware) on 01/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, thanks for the website. I like most women have suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis for the past 2-3 years. Nothing worked until I tried the Hydrogen Perixide Douche. It's been almost 4 weeks and I'm great.

After reading the stories I decided to give it a try. One night at about 7pm I emptied a summer's eve douch bottle, filled it with 50% H202 and 50% water. Inserted into my vagina and held for 30sec. I took 2 folic Acid pills (400mcg) along w/2 Acidophilus pills by mouth. By morning the smell was gone. I did this for three days straight. The smell stayed away for about 7 days and then it came back. So I repeated the steps, only this time I inserted 2 Acidophilus pills (pill form) into my vagina immediately after douching. I douched for 3 days straight. I stopped douching but continued to take pills by mouth. It's been about 4 weeks and I havent had a problem since. Hopefully I am cured. I continue to take the pills by mouth. I will give an update in 1 month.

Posted by D (New York, NY) on 12/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering for 5 years with BV. I started doing the H202 douche 1x/day plus 800 folic and 2 capsules of acidophilus. It is the first regimen that has worked and could not be happier. I am so petrified of the BV coming back that I have been doing this regimen for about 2 months never missing a day. I am now planning on getting pregnant. Does anyone know if the this is a safe regimen to continue while pregnant?

Replied by Jordan
Havelock, NC

I would recommend that if you are trying to get pregnant to only continue the folic acid. Or start taking a prenatal vitamin since they contain 800 mcg of folic acid anyway. Good luck!

Posted by Shayden (Manilla, Arkansas) on 11/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone. I am glad to be posting this info on this website, since I thought I was the only one with this problem. I have suffered with this problem for amost 15 years, until I came across this website. I just wanted to say that I did the Peroxide Douche only once (50%water/50%Peroxide) and then inserted 1 Acidolphilis pill (not capsule) in to my vajayjay for 7 days. I bought Folic Acid pills (500 mg) and I take 2 daily--one at night and one in the morning. I do the acidolphils pills the same (by mouth). I have been doing this for a month now and I have not have one issue, no smell, no itching, no burning, no nothing. I want to thank whoever made this website. I also wanted to add that if you do decide to douche more often please make sure you insert an acidophilis pill ASAP. I think that is the problem with the girls who are mentioning there problem is getting worse because you flush the bad and the good out when you douche--but you need to replenish the good ASAP. Thank you all for your honesty and help. I will keep you posted (30 days from now) And to the girl who says it burns when she uses the monistate--that means you don't have a yeast infection. Its either BV or something else. But, following this procedure is supposed to help trichonomisis too.

Posted by Ms. Sick and Tired (Columbus, Ohio) on 10/24/2008
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I too have been a suffer of BV for 3-4 years now off and on. I have been to the Doctor billons of times for the same thing its gotten to the point I dont have to go and get an exam just have the Doc call me in a presrciption of the metrogel. I can't take the metrodazole pills because they taste like poison if you get my drift and I'll eventually throw them back up. Well the metrogel would clump my discharge up like I had a yeast infection and it would take forever for that to drain out of my papya.

So desperately I googled Cure for BV and stumbled across this website.

I first did the hydrogen peroxide douche which only worked temp. for two days by itself, I then went and purchased the 2 billion live cell acidphilus and 800mg folic acid. I douched again by putting two opened capsules (freeze dried) acidphilus pills mixed with the peroxide, then took orally two more acidphilus capsules with 1 800mg folic acid pill. To much my surprise it works, but just as soon as you miss a dose the discharge is back and few days later here comes the smell. So I guess I better not ever stop taking the pills

Are there any women out there who feels the douching makes it worse after the second or third day. Or if there are any women who has not tried the douching method and only did the pills and got good results. Also, do I have to take these pills for the rest of my life for I am not a good pill taker. But being how sick and tired I am of this dredful BV I guess I will take the pills everyday (one of each) and douch every other three days. What is the right amount of times to douche per week?

Replied by Amanda Rene
Anderson, CA

I have bv caused by taking too many antibiotics and I haven't tried the douche. I learned when I was 16 douching is extremely bad for the ecosystem of the vagina and for that reason, I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. I am taking the folic acid and the probiotics. I am also taking epsom salt baths and cleaning out the area manually. I am also using the yogurt method (with a turkey baster lol). All of these things really seem to help! Diet is a big thing also. My bv gets worse if I stray from the diet I've been on. No sugar, candy, soda, artificial sweetener, bread, or wheat. Sorry I don't have any input on the douching method. Good luck :)

Replied by Confused
New York, NY
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I have been wondering the same thing... It seems that the pills work on and off, sometimes it keeps it at bay and others it doesn't seem to matter how diligent I am I still have the horrible odor return....

When I first did this I would do the douche 3 days in a row and then stop for a while but then it would come back a week or maybe 10 days later if I was lucky -sometimes worse, sometimes just the same. I felt that was too many times to do it in a row (I tried to listen to my body) so I only started doing the douche when I felt another round of stickyness come back and when I started to smell myself again.... But this time around it just doesn't seem to disappear?? I have done 3 douches so far (once a day) and I have been doing the pils for at least 10 days.. Is it possible that your body will also grow resistant to this method.... PLEASE if anyone knows what to do, I am desperate...

Replied by Kali
Atlanta, GA

If it has not worked it is mostly likey due to too much sugar and carbs in your diet. It is recommended that you abstain from carbs, sugar and caffiene to stop feeding the bacteria. Thats why it might back a vengence.

Posted by Ann (Lawrenceville, Ga) on 10/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with BV for years. I get it once a month no matter what and it is always right in the middle of my cycle. I have tried every medication under the sun. Flagyl has gotten to where it no longer works for me...my body has gotten immune to it I assume. The creams that you have to insert for days on end, make me feel terribe. I had reached my wits end and stumbled upon this website. I was skeptical at first and didn't get to excited. However I did go out and purchase the accidlophoulus, folic acid and Hydrogen Peroxide. Been taking the pills as well as doing the peroxide douche twice a day for 6 days. IT REALLY DOES WORK!!! I am just wondering if it will continue to work or if I can possibly get immune to this as well?? I urge any woman with BV to at least give this a try. I have also read that hydrogen peroxide can help cure yeast infections as well. Has anyone tried this and found it to be true?

Posted by Candice (Reisterstown, Md) on 09/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am so happy that I stumbled across this site. I am 24 and have been suffering with bv for 9 years. I have been to the doctors millions of times and given anti-biotics that only work temporarily. I was fed up and couldn't take it any more so I decided to find a home remedy. I came across this site and I have been using 800mg folic acid 2millionparts acidphilius, and the douche that was recommeded and it is working great. The smell is gone, no heavy discharge, and no itching. I would suggest any women tries this before running to the doctor.

Replied by Sherry

What kind of acidphilus are u using a tablet or capsule how do u put it in?

Posted by Elizabeth (Omaha, NE) on 09/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Praise God!! I have had BV for almost 2 years now on and off. Every single time I would be treated for it with an antibiotic, it would come RIGHT back. I was becoming so hopeless, and figuring out that I would just have to deal with this the rest of my life. I had searched and searched online for remedies but never found anything that would work-I never found this site once.

After months of prayer, prayer, and more prayer, I decided one more time I was going to search for maybe a home remedy (after being treated with BV AGAIN)....and Oh my gosh, I found this website, and after reading all of the feedback, I INSTANTLY went to the store and bought the hydrogen peroxide, folic acid and acidophillus pills. Within ONE DAY..my BV WAS COMPLETELY CURED. i was gone ALL weekend in the heat and sweating, and NO SYMPTOM WHATSOEVER popped up of BV. I AM SO, SO, INCREDIBLY THANKFUL.

Thank you for this website!! It also helped me feel SOO much better about what I had been suffering with- I'm not the only one!! If you are suffering with this problem, just keep praying and praying- God WILL take care of you! I am SOO thankful. Thank you so much- God bless you all!!

Posted by Sid (Toronto, Canada) on 08/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I feel so happy that i stumbeled upon your webiste in a desperate search to find a cure for bv, i've been suffering with this curse for 2 yrs, and was embarrassed and afaid of going back and forth to the doctor. and taking antibiotics which work only for a few mths, i am about to get married in a few mths and god knows i think it would have ruined that chance and part of my life , so i read this website, went directly to shoppers drugmart and got 1000mcg folic acid, and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3%. i got home and immediately soaked a tampoon with the hydrogen peroxide, and inserted it for 2 hours, and took 2 folic acid tablets, and to my surprise in just two hrs the scent and white discharge has just disappeared. i keep going to the washroom every 5 minutes to see if its really true. i'm so overwhelmed, i can't wait for my fiance to come home, and for us to do a little romancing.and it least i will never have to hear from his mouth again that " your ex boyfriend sure left a bad smell on you" that's the most embarrassin thing someone could say to you

Replied by Shonni
Stans, Switzerland

Read all about the tampon in HP, tried it ... question! How the hell do you get a tampon which has expanded in the 1/2 HP & 1/2 water up there? Maybe you guys used what we call tampax (which is in the cartons) and not tampons. Would love to know your secret ... then I could finally put an end to thic BV!

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Shonni!

To wear a HP saturated tampon........

You will need an enema kit or squeeze type bottle with small diameter tubing or large syringe with something akin to aquarium tubing would work well too.

You insert the dry tampon, and then use whichever appliator method you choose to suck up the solution, and then insert the hose into your vagina and release the solution. The tampon will absorb the fluid and expand - voila!

You may need to do a few test runs to determine just how much solution it takes to saturate the tampon without having it leak out if you intend to wear the saturated tampon during the day/walking/seating/standing.

Replied by Shonni
Stans, Switzerland

Thank you Theresa for taking the time to answer my question and for answering so quickly. I thought there must be another way, however, would never have thought of that. Will have to go out and get the things needed. Wishing you a fantastic 2014, all the best, Shonni.

Replied by Zoe

Been having d BV... What other methods can I use to apply the Hydrogen peroxide/water without using a tampon. Because I haven't used a tampon before..

Posted by Tea (Boston, MA) on 07/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi to all.My last BV infection was sparked after a TERRIBLE yeast infection- taking Monistat 1 for my yeast infection made the symptoms worst ten-fold and gave me an awful bout with BV. Well this time around, I did not want to go to the doctor to get Metro-Gel or anything so I did research on natural remedies for BV and came across this site (Thank Goodness)! With the suggestions from the ladies on this site, I did a hydrogen peroxide douche ( bottled water and 3% hydrogen peroxide) for four days in a row every night before bed; took two acidophilus pills everyday along with 800mcg of Folic Acid tables. For the douche, I bought a regular douche just for the bottle, poured out the contents that came with the douche and mixed my own. What was also so good about this remedy is that is cost me $13.00 from the drug-store, way less than prescription drugs. So far, it has been almost a week and the smell and itch are gone. I plan on continuing taking the acidophilus pills once a week and 400mcg Folic Acid everyday just to keep things at bay. Thanks for the suggestions and I hope this post helps someone like other posts have helped me.

P.S I would recommend using food grade hydrogen peroxide because they say its safer for internal use BUT be very careful because food grade hydrogen peroxide is very strong and concentrated and you can and will get burned if not diluted correctly.