Kombucha Tea Cure for Lipoma

| Modified: Nov 15, 2018
Kombucha Tea for Lipomas

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Posted by Reiler (Arizona) on 01/31/2014
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Hello everyone, I would like to share my personal experience and solution for lipomas... I had a medium size lipoma on one of my arm pits, and a couple on my back, and what really helped and worked for me, after practically tryng everything without any positive effects, was drinking "Kombucha" tea, it all happend when I started drinking it for the first week only., I noticed that my lipomas were reduce almost 80 percent!! ... I couldn't believe how fast it worked., im still drinking it and I expect full recovery soon!!!! I will post my progress in a couple of weeks.. I hope this advice works for you, Take care, God bless you!

Replied by Marion
Austin, Texas

I am very happy for you! About the Kombucha tea... I found a bunch at Whole Foods... Which is the best for lipomas?! Thank you for your experience! Marion G.

Replied by V
New York, Ny

Hi, I'm glad that it worked for you. Did the lipomas completely go?

Replied by Brian
Santa Rosa, Ca

What Kombucha tea did you use?