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 Re: Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Along with Scolioisis

Sun, 30 Dec 18 16:14:47 -0800
Posted by Bethany S. (Spokane, Wa) on 12/29/2018

The vitamin and mineral deficiencies make a lot of sense because scoliosis is a physical sign of a methylation problem. The MTHFR gene variant which makes body detox and assimilation of needed vitamins and minerals tougher. Environmental factors can seriously affect severity and can even trigger it (ingested, injected and absorbed).

  Re: Turpentine Bath

Sat, 29 Dec 18 10:02:11 -0800
Posted by Buck (Atlanta, Georgia) on 12/29/2018

Dandruff is your body getting rid of excess toxins through the scalp and fungal growth. Avoid drinking tap water, washing with hot water, using shampoos. My remedy is sweat 20 minutes in sauna per day and wash with ACV water solution followed by castle soap.

  Re: Supplements for Depression

Sat, 29 Dec 18 10:01:17 -0800
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 12/29/2018

... Denise, another thing you want to look out for are foods that contain oxalates, cayenne pepper being one. Taking a little extra magnesium may help avoid stones...kidney and/or gallbladder. You can Google foods high in oxalates to get a list and when in doubt ask Google the oxalate content of a specific food or spice. That's how I found out about cayenne pepper thanks to MtM. You might want to cut cayenne pepper back to 1/8 tsp. instead of taking more magnesium. Trial and error to find out what works best because everyone will not respond the same way.

Hubs globs peanut butter on his toast and I feel that is why he had such a problem voiding, in addition to all the meds he was on. Nut butters are listed as being high in oxalates.


Bitter Chinese Herbs for Rosacea

Sat, 29 Dec 18 00:22:21 -0800
Posted by Mary (Boulder, Co) on 12/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 36-year-old female and I had rosacea that lasted for a very long year. After much research and experimentation I was actually able to get rid of it completely. I would mainly accredit my "cure" to two main things: 1) a very healthy, clean diet is necessary and 2) I was able to find the right Chinese herbal formula (which I will happily share) that eliminated my skin inflammation within a few months.

I have noted through my research that there are many types and causes of rosacea. Some people can simply give up certain foods or topically apply something to their face and their rosacea disappears! I'd say those are the lucky ones who are able to do that. I was not one of those lucky people and I imagine there are many more like me. For many people they must get to the root of the problem, which can sometimes be complicated, but firstly does involve cleaning up the diet (no gluten, no sugar, no dairy; eat alkaline foods, vegetables, greens, green tea, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar; avoid spicy foods, too much red meat; take probiotics, work on healing the gut, etc, etc. You can read the details on other websites.)

Rosacea is caused by a certain inflammation in the body, meaning something is out of balance and this causes a type of heat to rise upwards and usually (according to Chinese medicine) this heat can involve or come from organs such as the liver, stomach or lungs. So get that diet cleaned up first, BUT sometimes cleaning up the diet is not always enough, at least it wasn't for me. (For some people it will be, however.) I had to take special herbs to finally get rid of it. (It also might be helpful to read up in Chinese medicine about a diet that supports "Yin" in the body.)

It's interesting to note also that the location of rosacea acne on your face can sometimes tell you which organ the inflammation is coming from. Typically if it's all over your cheeks then it might be coming from the lungs. If it's around the mouth or nose area then it could be stomach and/or liver. Good to know, because there are different herbs to take if it comes from one or the other! I'm no expert and I would really advise you to see a Chinese acupuncturist if you can (acupuncture can help bring that heat down as well as herbs) but here's what I have observed: If it's on the cheeks you can seek out an herbal formula containing gypsum, rehmannia, scutellaria, gardenia, forsythia, (and probably a few other ingredients), and see if that may help.

My rosacea however was more around my nose and mouth area so I tried an herbal formula containing very bitter herbs to drive the heat and toxins from the liver and I supposed it helped my stomach as well. This type of heat and toxins must exit the body via the bowel...and bitter herbs help to accomplish this.

So the ingredients were COPTIS (very important and very bitter), Bupleurum, Scutellaria/ Scute/ Skullcap (same thing), Gentiana, Lonicera, Forsythia, Gardenia etc. There were a few other ingredients but those are the main ones. I would say if you're interested just look for a formula containing those ingredients, more or less, and give it a try.

When I tried this formula (I took the tablets 3 x daily) my face started to clear up within a month, so I stopped, but then it returned, so I took the formula for another 2 months and it went away completely after that. I couldn't believe it! I had tried everything under the sun. NOTHING topical ever worked for me. The cure had to come from within the body. After I finished taking this formula for about 3 months I then took another Chinese formula called "Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan" as a maintenance protocol (for several months) to keep my "Yin" healthy and I think this formula has helped to keep the rosacea from returning. It is a cooling formula. But I needed to take those really bitter herbs first to clear out the toxins and heat and then continued with my good diet and maintenance protocol after that.

I should add that taking these bitters herbs containing Coptis are quite potent and should only be taken for the short term. They can be very drying and you will feel them working. You may need to adjust or cut back the dosage to fit your needs. Drink lots of water between meals while taking them. And if for some reason this herbal formula doesn't work for you, I would say look around for some other Chinese herbal formulas and you may find one that fits your needs. But I wanted to share what worked for me. I hope this may help someone.

  Re: Lobelia and Cigarette Filter to Quit Smoking

Sat, 29 Dec 18 00:21:40 -0800
Posted by Carolyn (Mo) on 12/28/2018

I got off of cigarettes with the nicotene gum, now I'm still addicted to nicotene and still chew the gum. Will this work to get off of them? Or is there a better way to kick this habit?

  Re: Epsom Salts for Perianal Abscess

Sat, 29 Dec 18 00:21:22 -0800
Posted by Noor (Colorado) on 12/28/2018

How long did it take?

Allergy Connection to Bed Wetting

Sat, 29 Dec 18 00:20:32 -0800
Posted by Karen (United States Of America) on 12/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

If your child is wetting the bed longer than normal, PLEASE take the child for allergy tests. I wet the bed until age fourteen, and we never knew why, my parents put me through Hell over it. Then when I had a son he wet the bed until second grade. I happen to read a book that said that when a child's nose is plugged up he wakes up and the bladder releases and the bed is wet. When he goes back to sleep that bladder tenses back up, but each time the plugged up nose wakes the child up over and over this just repeats itself. Depriving the child of fluids doesn't work either.

  Zinc for Hair Loss

Fri, 28 Dec 18 23:08:13 -0800
Posted by Carolyn (Mo) on 12/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

We used to raise dogs and we would put a tbsp of zinc powder on their food once a day. Then we noticed they weren't shedding anymore, so I started putting it on my Cocker Spaniels food. He quit shedding, too. So I can see how zinc would work. I have the same problem, so I'm going to try it. Thanks!!!!

  Re: Supplements for Depression

Fri, 28 Dec 18 23:07:33 -0800
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 12/28/2018

Hi Denise,

There are two things you mentioned I don't know anything about. You are getting several opinions and I feel I would just add to confusing you more. Personally I would not take the theanine because it is another broken amino acid that can be toxic. The magtein is a newer supp I would steer clear of. In addition, "D" is said to be the most toxic of supps in the NA. This is just my hurried opinion.

The posts about the turmeric and hearing is under "Ailments"/ "Hearing Impairment". Scroll down to "Turmeric" and read a post by Barbara who had tinnitus for six years.


  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Alcoholism

Fri, 28 Dec 18 23:07:22 -0800
Posted by Jocelyn (Canada) on 12/28/2018
1 out of 5 stars

This story is bogus. No aficionado of alcohol would swallow ACV thinking it was alcohol.

EC: Not a bogus story. Alfred posted on Earth Clinic for years!

  Re: Supplements for Depression

Fri, 28 Dec 18 23:04:40 -0800
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 12/28/2018

Hi Denise, I've read through your posts and others' responses. I see a functional medicine practitioner, and he told me (repeated to me! Oh, how I wish I would pay attention to what he says! Grrrr! ) that one can take all the supplements in the world, but if they're continuing to eat the wrong foods (not saying you are, necessarily), they're not going to get better. You've probably heard this before, but depression really does begin in the gut. So, can you make a list of all the foods you eat and what you drink, at each meal and snacks? If you could share your food list here on EC, that would be helpful. For example, I take @4 supplements prescribed by my functional med guy, plus @3-4 more. I was "complaining" to him in my last appointment that I'm still not losing weight, I feel sluggish, get frequent UTIs, etc. Well, it's now down to what I'm eating and my activity level. I "cheat" with food, even when I know absolutely what I must be doing! I'll get a hankering for a pint of high-quality ice cream, or some bad carbs. Well, wouldn't you know it, I get UTI symptoms AND feel depressed within 2 days of eating that junk. Then that junk throws my blood sugar out of whack and my sleep suffers.

Anyway, hopefully we can all pool our resources and offer our help to you!

Roasted Garlic for Sinus Infection

Fri, 28 Dec 18 23:04:21 -0800
Posted by Kathleen (Red Deer, Ab) on 12/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

The remedies in the article didn't help with my sinus infections. The only remedy that helped and cured the infection is taking 6 cooked garlic cloves daily with food. Cook the whole (or half) the bulb @ 350 for 15 - 20 min. and eat the 6 cloves with food. Cleaned my sinuses right out.

Zinc for Hair Loss

Fri, 28 Dec 18 10:01:33 -0800
Posted by Berry (Florida) on 12/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am a female, 37 years old. A couple years ago I began losing my hair. I was constantly pulling strands off of my clothes throughout the day and there was wads of more hair coming out whenever I showered. I tried different shampoos advertised for hair loss and they seemed to help a bit but the hair loss would start up again if stopped the shampoo.

Finally I went to my doctor and told him to test me for several vitamins and minerals. My zinc was significantly low (in the 40s), even though I ate meat. For some reason my body was not absorbing zinc through foods. I began supplementing with zinc sulfate and within a few days the hair loss stopped. I retested my levels a couple months later and it had gone up to 72 (optimal levels is about 90). My hair no longer falls out and the bald patches I was starting to get before have filled in. If you are losing your hair it is most likely a deficiency, like iron or zinc. Get tested.

  Re: Supplements for Depression

Fri, 28 Dec 18 10:00:05 -0800
Posted by Denise (Us) on 12/28/2018

I stopped everything, just to keep all the great people here informed. Yesterday I took L-theanine because it says it relaxes you, so I took a chance on it. Maybe a mistake, I just don't know. But my depression is not alleviated on any regular basis, and my ears (tinnitus) are ringing 24/7, at a higher volume than I am used to handling. Of course I am handling it, but hating it.

I want to just give it all a break and see how I feel. Yesterday I took my 2 mile walk, felt crappy but knew that would help. But when I got out there, my muscles felt weak and I actually thought about turning around and that's unheard of til now. I have strong muscles and walk 4 miles per hour and my normal is feeling great and uplifted.

Something isn't right here, and I just don't know. Afraid to take anything so I won't today and just see. During the night I had more aches and pains in my neck and shoulders too. I don't think I can get to a naturopath, but I'm going to look online and see if there are any close enough. I live in an isolated area, pretty much ignored, by the lower part of California. In a way, that's a good thing.

Sorry to be so down, it's my birthday today too, 66, but I am able to have some fun with friends on fb. Thanks for your info Teena, I'll consider it. I felt a lot of anger yesterday after reading, on amazon, yet another glowing review on another alternative that could help me. I'm running out of money and patience with all this.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all

Go ask Alice

  Re: Happy Holidays! And An Update....

Fri, 28 Dec 18 09:47:54 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (EC) on 12/28/2018

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your email. Yes, search will improve... however we have to find the right plugin for that and will probably be using google search to begin with as we have tested the one that comes with Wordpress and it doesn't do a very good job. We're solving one giant problem after another one at a time!

A few immediate benefits:
Pages will load much faster on desktop and mobile.
Design will look significantly more fresh and modern.

After a week or two once we go live:
Member accounts will be migrated and connected to posts. Once they are migrated you will be able to click on user name and see their posts (I think).

Note: People will still always be able to send in a post without logging in as before.

After a couple of months:
All reader posts will be separated by remedy name into their own pages.
Lovely photos will be added to all pages/sections (half have been added at this point).

Everything happens quite slowly on a shoestring budget. But the good news about that is that fewer mistakes are made!

We're hoping the giant phase 1 move happens in the next few days. Of course, I've said that before so we'll see! Will update right before that as there may be a number of hours when the site will be offline. Have a great weekend!

 Re: Bauhinia Guianensis for Late Stage CKD

Fri, 28 Dec 18 09:28:31 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 12/28/2018

Sonya, I was going over my notes and saw I have written guava leaves for kidney health. I have pages typed with headings Heart, Stroke, Liver, Heavy Metal removal, etc and when I read something effective I quickly open the corresponding page and add it, as there is so much info out there I know I will not remember when I need it. This may be easier to get hold of than your bauhinia guianensis is proving to be.

Study showing protection against damaging cancer treatment[138].pdf

And in words I can understand:

Here's a place that sells organic guava leaves:

  Re: Multiple Remedies Not Helping Eczema

Fri, 28 Dec 18 09:21:17 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/28/2018

Mch, you can try eliminating dairy, sugar and grains for one week, and see if it gets any better.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Acid Reflux Causing Heartburn

Fri, 28 Dec 18 09:20:56 -0800
Posted by Junie (Houston, Tx) on 12/28/2018

Not sure. It took a little getting used to for me. I was using the coconut oil for "oil pulling" (google this), so I am more used to it now. However, I found taking a couple of teaspoons of chia seed (gel) worked best and much easier to swallow. No flavor.

Put chia seed in a cup, add filtered water, stir, let it sit 5 minutes to "gel", then swallow. Works like a charm. I made a batch of gelled chia seed, kept in a jar in the refrigerator to be ready to use when needed. 2 cups water, 1/3 cup chia seed, put lid on, gently shake for 5 minutes and ready to use. Lasts up to 2 weeks refrigerated.

Google chia seed uses, (with esophagus problems, don't consume it dry, eat gelled only-or the dry seed could get stuck in your lining), it is very healthy for your skin and helps your body stay hydrated longer! It can be found in the grocery food store or in bulk at Costco or Sams.

  Apple Cider Vinegar With Recurring Perioral Dermatitis

Fri, 28 Dec 18 09:20:25 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/28/2018

Hi Amanda

I was reading your post and suspected Heavy metals, particularly Mercury, for your problem. Sure enough, I googled, and found this

My suspicion came from a nasty skin condition, Grover's Disease, being helped by consumption of cilantro, or capsules, and cilantro is touted by Ted as a (easily accessible) heavy metal chelator.

I would start by adding half a bunch, organic if possible, otherwise wash in baking soda and water, in a daily fruit and veg juice, and drinking lots of water, graduating to full bunch when you feel ready.

Best to you.

  Re: Supplements for Depression

Fri, 28 Dec 18 09:20:09 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/28/2018

Hello Denise,

I am concerned you may have been led astray re your info on vitamin C, perhaps to your health detriment. The vitamin c Complex, the natural, real thing, is a potent antioxidant, and toxin scavenger, immune booster, at the very least.

I have attached the vitamin c page here, and about the only negative side effects you'll see are a person getting the runs. Which to me is not really a negative, because that is the toxins which are getting purged from the body, and needed, as with my son numerous times, it is only after this occurs that he will start to improve his condition.

Of course there are many bad substances in many of the blends, which is why if you choose a synthetic, get pure ascorbic acid powder, then add your sodium bicarbonate, to escape the hidden excitotoxins, or, in capsules, I did manage to find one brand with nothing synthetic, made from fermenting fruits and vegetables, which increases enzyme content. The brand is Para---- Herbs, and they are not expensive.

Another good source is vitamin c rich food, acerola, lemon, amla, in powders, and you can make your own from organic or home grown chemical free citrus peels. (I make my own lemon pickle, and love it!)

One large papaya contains 235 mg vitamin c. It is a great health food, especially when fermented, containing many vitamins minerals and enzymes. It is just that there is not a lot of vitamin c in one piece of (any) fruit. When sick, my family will take 1000 mg every hour until bowel tolerance, then reduce. Maintenance dose for me is 2000 mg / day. When I had severe msg poisoning, I ate the synthetic chewables like lollies, a mega dose, it was the only thing that helped me. I was out of the natural c at the time.

We are all on a health journey. Best to you on yours.